Report: Sheffrec CC Spring Road Race

Victory for Jamie Shirlow in the Sheffrec CC Spring Road Race in South Yorkshire

Christopher Etchells Photographer (

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A field of 66 riders departed the Ruddle Centre for 18 laps of the Stainton circuit near Braithwell in bright but very windy conditions. The annual Sheffrec CC spring road race formed the second round of the newly formed Yorkshire Road Race League.

The bunch remained as one until the third lap when a group of seven riders broke clear and quickly established a lead of 35 seconds over the main bunch. The breakaway riders which included 2011 winner Jamie Shirlow with team mate Tom Bustard of Herbalife Leisure Bikes, Tom Barras (Metaltek – Scott) Dillon Byrne and Alistair Rutherford of and William Haynes of Blackhawk Bikes soon forged a 52 second lead over the main peloton.

Feeding time for riders Photo: Christopher Etchells (  Dillon Byrne and Alistair Rutherford 

Not content with watching their rivals ride away, local rider Graham Briggs of Team Raleigh – GAC, Tom Murray of Team IG Sigma Sport, RST/Trigon riders Matt Sumpton and Gunnar Gronlund along with Sportscover Altura Riders Colin Humphrey and Rob Sharman all gave chase and split the peloton into three groups. The main bunch were now suffering from the pace and would never see the front of the race again.

The wind increased to make for a tough race and the main finishing straight was where the wind really blew hard. The reaction from the chasing group of 10 riders ate into the lead of the breakaway riders and the gap was soon down from 52 seconds to just 31 seconds with 5 laps to go.

The lead group of riders, who had been working very well together, sensed their lead was dropping and attacks came. Vanilla Bikes rider, Dillon Byrne was always first up the windy drag to the finish on several occasions but this constant attacking looked to be threatening the precious gap. With two laps to go, the chasing bunch were closing in and were now trailing by only 22 seconds. The question amongst the ever increasing crowd at the finish was would they catch the riders who had been away for 15 laps? Sadly for local supporters of Graham Briggs, they failed in an attempt to bridge the gap. The winner would come from the original breakaway.

Great scenery on the course for the race.  Photo: Christopher Etchells (

A large crowd gathered and witnessed Alistair Rutherford of lead the charge for the line but was soon swamped by Barras, team mate Byrne and Shirlow. The three up battle for honours was won by Jamie Shirlow, Herbalife Leisure, completing the 62 mile race in just under 2 hours 20 minutes.

Dillon Bryne, pushed hard and claimed 2nd over Barras who had to settle for third place. Alistair Rutherford made it a good day for placing 4th with Colin Humprey, Sportscover Altura RT, 4 seconds back with Tommy Bustard, Herbalife Leisure claiming sixth place.

William Haynes, Blackhawk Bikes who was also from the original breakaway lost ground on the last lap and came home a creditable 7th. Matt Sumpton, RST Trigon RT and Jack Cutsforth, Herbalife Leisure broke clear of the chase group on the last lap to claim 8th and 9th, 44 seconds behind. A frustrated Briggs claimed 10th place in the group gallop 58 seconds in arrears.

Graham Briggs chases with John Tanner on his wheel. Photo: Christopher Etchells (


1. Jamie Shirlow, Herbalife Leisure 62.5 miles in 2 hours 20 minutes 54 seconds
2. Dillon Byrne,
3. Tom Barras, Metaltek – Scott
4. Alistair Rutherford,
5. Colin Humprey, Sportscover Altura RT @ 4 seconds
6. Tommy Bustard, Herbalife Leisure
7. William Haynes, Blackhawk Bikes @ 15 seconds
8. Matt Sumpton, RST Trigon RT @ 44 seconds
9. Jack Cutsforth, Herbalife Leisure @ 50 seconds
10. Graham Briggs, Team Raleigh – GAC @ 58 seconds
11. Tom Murray, Team IG – Sigma Sport
12. John Tanner, Sportscover Altura RT
13. Gunnar Gronlund, RST Trigon RT
14. Rob Sharman, Sportscover Altura RT
15. Jaime Burgan, Langsett Cycles RT
16. Richard Hepworth, Cycle Premier – Kovert @ 1:07
17. Christopher Daddy, Squadra RT @ 1:45
18. Steve Ellis, Out of the Saddle CC @ 5:05
19. Simon Maudsley, RVO Racing @ 5:08
20. Tom Stewart, RST Trigon RT
21. Conan Mayman, Team Bglobal
22. Nathan Harrison, Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles.
23. Shane Oneil, Team Bglobal
24. Mark Fidler, Sheffrec CC
25. Rob Orr, Velo 29 OTR Vankru
26. Carl Dyson, Clay Cross RT
27. Number covered by gillet, Boardman Bike
28. Peter Barusevicus VC Bradford Pennine Cycles / Stella Azzura
29. Thomas Timothy, Velo 29 OTR Vankru
30. Ashley Brown, Sportscover Altura RT
31. Number covered by gillet
32. Daniel Storey, RST Trigon RT
33. Mick Rowson, RVO Racing
34. Danny Lowthorpe, Langsett Cycles
35. Gavin Evans, Clay Cross RT
36. Paul Bennett, Team Hope Racing
37. James Thompson, Team Hope Racing
38. Tony Grassby, Peak RC
39. Sam Kirby, Out of the Saddle CC
40. Julian Ramsbottom, Scunthorpe Poly CC
41. Ben Kellett, VS Cycles Brighouse
42. Paul Allen, Wakefield CC
43. Steve Gibson, Peak RC
44. Number covered by blue gillet
45. Todd Hotchkiss, Performance Cycles – CMI
46. James Allen, Sheffrec CC
47. Julian Gromett, Cottingham Coureurs RT
48. Stephen Leigh, Team Bglobal
49. Anthony Moye, Velo 29 OTR Vankru
50. Craig Anderson, Blackhawk Bikes
51. Robert Watson, Paul Milnes / Bradford Olympic RC
52. Martin Ruepp, York Cycleworks @ 1 lap

Prizes were presented back at the Ruddle Centre by local World Scratch Race Champion Ben Swift of Team Sky. Ben was due to race but a UCI ruling prevented him taking part. Event organiser, Marc Etches of Sheffrec CC would like to thank all the marshals, car drivers, the National Escort Group and Commissaires Dave Stewart and Robert Bunting for making the race a great success.


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