Report/Result: Noel Jones Memorial Road Race

Henry Latimer outsprints Karl Hine in the Noel Jones Memorial Road Race in Wales on Sunday.

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Report by Charles Coleman, a rider in the early break.
When my team mate Rob Gough got the first prime; myself, Scot Easter and Rob Turner broke free. We had a tough time in the winds for almost 50 miles with a maximum of 2minutes 30 seconds time gap until the penultimate lap where I was caught by the winning break which contained my team mate Karl Hine.

Report by Henry Latimer (Dream Cycling) Winner
The race had a lot of early attacks and when a break finally got away, I was worried as the gap went up to 2minutes 30seconds, but I managed to get away with four others and we pulled in all the riders in front of us with eight miles to go.

We kept pushing hard to avoid getting caught by the pack and with 4 miles to go, I had a go with another rider, but that came to nothing and so it was a sprint to the line. Karl Hine and I dropped the rest and I had a good 2up sprint with him but beat him by a few bike lengths at the finish.

1. Henry Latimer, Dream Cycling
2. Karl Hine, Cadence Cannondale Rt
3. Richard Harris, Cwmcarn Paragon Cc
4. Daniel Davies, Team Wallis Chh
5. Scot Easter, Felt Colbornes
6. Justin Harcourt, Urban Cyclery
7. Glyndwr Griffiths, Urban Cyclery
8. David Medhurst, Cardiff Ajax
9. James Gray, Vc St Raphael
10. Andrew Parry, Urban Cyclery
11. Stephen Bennett, Acme Wheelers
12. Graeme Boswell, Cardiff Ajax
13. Tom Illet, Bristol South Cc
14. Darran Carpenter, Cwmcarn Paragon Cc
15. Luke Churchus, Gannett Cc



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