Lincoln GP: Can Russell Downing win his fourth?

Defending champion in the Lincoln Grand Prix, Scott Thwaites, returns with teammate Russell Downing going for his fourth win in the race. Sensational line -up for this British monument with three former winners.

Only 21 at the time in 2011, Scott Thwaites showed if you’re good enough, you’re old enough to win the king of the classics in Britain, the Lincoln Grand Prix.

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The organisers of the Lincoln GP are pleased to announce the final line-up for the 57th Lincoln Grand Prix and what an impressive list of cycling names this is with all the main teams represented by their best riders.

The 102 mile race takes place in Lincoln on Sunday, May 13th with the University of Lincoln as the event’s main sponsor alongside the City of Lincoln Council with added sponsorship from Pygott and Crone, Jackson Building Centres, Lindum Group and Impsport. The officials’ and media vehicles will again be supplied by Lincoln Audi and Marshall Land Rover, both adding that finishing touch to the race convoy.

Pinning number 1 on his back will be last year’s sprint winner Endura Racing’s Scott Thwaites who is on good form having won a stage of the recent Tour Doon Hame at Easter. Team mate, Russell Downing is back and looking for his fourth win, European Number 1 outside of WorldTour, Jon Tiernan-Locke, who showed such magnificient class in foreign events earlier this year is on the start list as is Jonny McEvoy the DoonHame overall winner. In fact, Endura Racing have entered the top three riders from 2011!

The cobbles of Michaelgate, 13 times …. 1 in 6 climb… 102 miles. This will be some race!

The GB Academy team, 100% ME, Team IG Sigmasport, NODE4 Giordana including 2010 second place rider Phil Lavery, Raleigh GAC, Rapha Condor Sharp, Sportscover Altura, and Team UK Youth led by Magnus Backstedt are amongst the 160 strong field for the event and the winner could come from any of these but with 86 Elite riders on the start line, that’s as far as predictions might go.

Once again the British Cycling Go-ride events will be held in and around Castle Square for Lincolnshire school members, the first one taking place before the Grand Prix completes its first lap and then two more in between the next 2 laps. Also in the finish area will be the British Cycling WATT bikes, The Lincolnshire Sports Partnership ‘bike4life’ stand, an adidas eyeware display, plus the usual ‘bits for bikes’, smoothies and the famous Lincolnshire Farmers’ Market.

The event web site has full details of the 57th running of the Grand Prix with added information on how to volunteer to help with the race organisation plus lots of pictures from 2011 and information on traffic arrangements on the day. Facebook and twitter feeds also provide regular updates.

The Lincoln Grand Prix Sportive

The second Lincoln Grand Prix Sportive is taking place the previous day to the Grand Prix itself and its entry list is also going well with 536 entries now registered across the three different distances of 92 miles, 75 miles and 55 miles on offer.

There is an added 22 mile Family Event this year using a course suitable for cyclists with young family members. This takes place on quiet roads based on the Yarborough Leisure Centre as opposed to the main distances which take the riders out towards the Lincolnshire Wolds and finish with the climb of 1 in 6 Michalegate, a hill to be confronted by the Grand Prix riders 13 times the following day.

The finish line will be as for the Grand Prix in Castle Square looked down on by the impressive Lincoln Cathedral and Castle and in the centre of the City’s main tourist area.

Go to to see the current list and add your names to take part in this unique event.

Rider List
1 Scott Thwaites Endura Racing (winner in 2011)
2 Jon Tiernan-Locke Endura Racing
3 Russell Downing Endura Racing (Three time winner)
4 Ian Bibby Endura Racing
5 Erick Rowsell Endura Racing
6 Jonathan McEvoy Endura Racing
7 Zak Dempster Endura Racing
8 Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing

9 Oli Beckingsale Endura Racing MTB

10 George Atkins 100% ME
11 Simon Yates 100% ME
12 Joseph Kelly 100% ME
13 Samuel Harrison 100% ME
14 Alistair Slater 100% ME
15 Thomas Moses 100% ME
16 Owain Doull 100% ME

17 Perry Bowater ASFRA Racing Team
18 Chris Snook
19 James Jones Beeline Bicycles Racing Team
20 Ben Dean Team Bglobal
21 Chris Sherriffs Team Bglobal
22 Matthew Pilkington Team Bglobal
23 Tim Allen Clay Cross Racing Team
24 Carl Dyson Clay Cross Racing Team
25 Lee Tunicliffe Clay Cross Racing Team

26 Matthew Jones Team Corley Cycles/Blue
27 Richard Cartland Team Corley Cycles/Blue
28 Ashley Cox Team Corley Cycles/Blue
29 James Millard Team Corley Cycles/Blue
30 Michael Smith Team Corley Cycles/Blue

31 Michael Berling Cycle Premier – Kovert
32 Stephen Adams Cycle Premier – Kovert
33 George Moore Cycle Premier – Kovert
34 Jon Mozley Cycle Premier – Kovert
35 Will Bjergfelt Cycle Premier – Kovert
36 Richard Hepworth Cycle Premier – Kovert
37 Blair Windsor Cycle Premier – Kovert
38 George Tansley Cycle Premier – Kovert

39 George Harper Felt-Colbornes Racing Team
40 Brock Duncomb-Rodgers GWR Team/Swindon Cycles
41 Kit Gilham Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes
42 Andrew Hawdon Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes
43 Robbie Hassan Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes
44 Andrew Coupe Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes
45 Richard Bott Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes
46 Jack Cutsforth Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes
47 Simon Baxter Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes
48 Jamie Shirlaw Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes

49 James Sharp Team Hope Factory Racing
50 Paul Oldham Team Hope Factory Racing
51 Matthew Williams Team Hope Factory Racing

52 Simon Richardson Team IG Sigmasport
53 Tom Murray Team IG Sigmasport
54 Wouter Sybrandy Team IG Sigmasport
55 Daniel Lloyd Team IG Sigmasport
56 Steve Lampier Team IG Sigmasport
57 Simon Gaywood Team IG Sigmasport
58 Dan Craven Team IG Sigmasport
59 Thomas Last Team IG Sigmasport

60 Milan Sihelsky Kuota GSG Spinergy
61 Jamie Burgan Langsett Cycles Racing Team
62 David Nichols Loughborough Students CC
63 Chris Coyle Mayo Castlebar Western Edge

64 Marcel Six Metaltek SCOTT
65 Dale Appleby Metaltek SCOTT
66 Tom Barras Metaltek SCOTT
67 Stephen Halpin Metaltek SCOTT
68 Rhys Lloyd Metaltek SCOTT
69 Simon Wilson Metaltek SCOTT
70 Ben Stockdale Metaltek SCOTT
71 Matt Gee Metaltek SCOTT

72 Pete Vincent Mid Devon Cycling Club

73 Marcin Bialoblocki NODE4 Giordana Racing
74 David Clarke NODE4 Giordana Racing
75 Rico Rogers NODE4 Giordana Racing
76 Mike Northey NODE4 Giordana Racing
77 Matt Cronshaw NODE4 Giordana Racing
78 Pete Williams NODE4 Giordana Racing
79 Philip Lavery NODE4 Giordana Racing
80 James Moss NODE4 Giordana Racing

81 Al Murison Performance Cycles CM1 U23
82 Todd Hotchkiss Performance Cycles CM1 U23
83 Conor Ryan Performance Cycles CM1 U23
84 James Smith Primal Europe
85 Adam Bright Primal Europe
86 Tom Stockdale Primal Europe
87 Wayne Coombs Primal Europe
88 Phil Borrett Primal Europe

89 Liam Holohan Team Raleigh – GAC
90 Graham Briggs Team Raleigh – GAC
91 Evan Oliphant Team Raleigh – GAC
92 Matthew Holmes Team Raleigh – GAC
93 Bernard Sulzberger Team Raleigh – GAC
94 James Sparling Team Raleigh – GAC
95 Tobyn Horton Team Raleigh – GAC
96 Russell Hampton Team Raleigh – GAC

97 Kristian House Rapha Condor Sharp
98 Ben Grenda Rapha Condor Sharp
99 Richard Lang Rapha Condor Sharp
100 Chris Jennings Rapha Condor Sharp
101 Richard Handley Rapha Condor Sharp
102 Mike Cuming Rapha Condor Sharp
103 Felix English Rapha Condor Sharp
104 Luke Mellor Rapha Condor Sharp

105 Alex Camier RM Cycles

106 Dan Storey RST Racing Team
107 Gunnar Gronlund RST Racing Team
108 Matt Sumpton RST Racing Team
109 Tom Stewart RST Racing Team

110 Ashley Brown Sportscover Altura Racing Team
111 Duncan Moralee Sportscover Altura Racing Team
112 Rob Sharman Sportscover Altura Racing Team
113 Collin Humphrey Sportscover Altura Racing Team
114 Adam Duggleby Sportscover Altura Racing Team

115 Richard Da Silva Stevenage Cycling Club
116 Christopher Daddy Squadra Racing Team
117 Luke Ryan Twenty3C-Orbea

118 Magnus Backstedt Team UK Youth Pro Cycling
119 Yanto Barker Team UK Youth Pro Cycling

120 Niklas Gustavsson Team UK Youth Pro Cycling
121 Freddy Johansson Team UK Youth Pro Cycling
122 Christofer Stevenson Team UK Youth Pro Cycling
123 David McGowan Team UK Youth Pro Cycling
124 Chris Opie Team UK Youth Pro Cycling
125 Gruff Lewis Team UK Youth Pro Cycling

126 James Jackson
127 Wojciech Szlachta
128 Clem Berril
129 Lewis Atkins
130 Daniel Kogan
131 Rhys Howells

132 Ben Greenwood
133 Dillon Byrne
134 Alistair Rutherford
135 Harry Grey
136 Samuel Jackson

137 Mat Kipling Velo 29 OTR Vankru
138 Christopher Mark Velo 29 OTR Vankru
139 Dan Smith Velo 29 OTR Vankru
140 Rob Carter Velo 29 OTR Vankru
141 Jack Rees Velo 29 OTR Vankru
142 Anthony Moye Velo 29 OTR Vankru
143 Richard Meadows Velo 29 OTR Vankru

144 Robert Smail
145 Jacob Tipper
146 John Crellin
147 Calum Nicholson
148 Jack Waller

149 Ben Simmons Team Wiggle
150 Stuart Reid
151 Jack Pullar
152 William Penn
153 Toby Eichler Willier/Live2Ride
154 Colin Parry Willier/Live2Ride
155 Hugh Wilson Willier/Live2Ride
156 Stoyko Bussarov Wyndymilla-UK Youth
157 Jack Adams Zappi’s Pro Cycling
158 Adam Cotterell Zappi’s Pro Cycling
159 William Fox Zappi’s Pro Cycling
160 Dexter Gardias Zappi’s Pro Cycling


161 Owen Lake Cambridge Cycling Club
162 Paul Londors Spin-Rotor Racing Team
163 Rich Semple www.dooley’
164 Peter Haworth Primal Europe
165 Luke Dunbar Performance Cycles CM1 U23
166 Jess Wieckowski GWR Team/Swindon Cycles
167 Rupert Denny GWR Team/Swindon Cycles
168 Chris Wilkinson GWR Team/Swindon Cycles
169 Nickolas Baker Zappi’s Cycling Club
170 David Starkey Fred Williams Cycles
171 Ben Kellett VS Cycles Brighouse
172 Jonathan Shuster XRT Elmy
173 Rob Adlard Team Wheel Guru
174 Julian Gromett Cottingham Coureurs
175 Tony Greenhalgh
176 Liam Stones Team Corley Cycles/Blue
177 Alex Bottomley Velo 29 OTR Vankru
178 Blake Cowley Clay Cross Racing Team
179 Michael Knight Team Hope Factory Racing
180 Jamie Scott Spin-Rotor Racing Team
181 Sam Ward Team Hope Factory Racing
182 David Palmer Spin-Rotor Racing Team
183 Sam Boast Team Hope Factory Racing
184 Paul Robertson Spin-Rotor Racing Team
185 Gavin Evans Clay Cross Racing Team
186 James Ratcliffe Freds Racing Team
187 Glyndwr Griffiths Urban Cyclery

188 Hefin Price Port Talbot Wheelers
189 David Lines Pedal Power/Endura/Forme
190 Liam Cowie Pedal Power/Endura/Forme
191 Jordan Stokes Pedal Power/Endura/Forme


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