Report: Archer Road Club Spring Races

Tony Gibb, Peter Cole and Bethany Hayward winners on Saturday at the Archer Road Club Spring Races at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit

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Archer RC Spring Criterium
Report and Photos:

Tony Gibb (Metaltek/Scott) won the Archer Criterium and a blustery Hillingdon after a break away with Tom Fitzpatrick (Iceni Velo) for the last ten laps of a fifty four lap race.
Hillingdon racing circuit was dry and when the sun did pop out from behind the clouds it was very warm, but there was a strong blustery wind which whipped around in all directions and we even had a small shower of rain although this was not enough to wet the course.

The race got underway and it didn’t take long for the attacks to start. Within five minutes of the start five riders got a small gap of 6 secs and they looked like they were going to build on it until the bunch closed it down and brought the race back together. But no sooner they were together another attack went away. This time Tom went away with unattached rider Mike Blewitt.
The next attack saw four riders slip off the front with Tom and Mike was Jason Edwards (GB Mistina) and Jerzy Kuzminski. This attack didn’t stick and once again the hard working bunch pulled it back again. The next significant break came just after the first prime which was one by James Caldwell (Cycle Premier RT). First two then five riders started to build on the front and this time this attack started to go away as strength in numbers were needed to battle the headwind they were encountering.

This group now numbered nine riders which included Tony Gibb, Tom Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Baker (Team Zappi’s), Tom Gallagher (Metaltek/Scott), Chris Grange (HHCC), Phil Holloway (Southend Wheelers), David Saunders (NFTO), Michael Smith (Team Corley) and James Moss (Node4). This group looked like it would stay away for the remainder of the race but once they started to split the bunch soon started to pick them off and they all came back together again.

After a couple of more primes, which were won by Tom, Tony and Nicholas (2) another group pulled away off the front. This group then started to build a large lead and this was the final attack from a bunch until the end of the race.

The final move of the race came when Tony and Tom started to ease away from the other leaders and they worked well together to pull out a large lead and soon they had caught the back of the field which was now separated from the chasing group. The two leaders were allowed to pass the back bunch in order to set about trying to catch the middle group now down to nine riders.

With ten laps to go the two leaders were well clear and the race was all over for the chasers. At the bell Tom was first through the line but as they came into sight Tonys strength told and he eased away fro Tom to take the win.

The support race for 3rd and 4th cat riders was won by Peter Cole (Handsling Racing) from Martin Hunter (Colchester Wheelers) in a mass sprint after 27 laps where any attack was very quickly brought back and it all came down to a big sprint on the last lap.

Within this bunch there was a ladies race going on and this was won by the three ladies from Welwyn Wheelers lead by Bethany Hayward, Abbie Dentus and Lucy Harper.

Win for Gibb at Hillingdon. Photo:

Result 1/2/3 cat

1. Tony Gibb, Metaltek/Scott, 50 miles in 1h 51m 13s
2. Tom Fitzpatrick, Iceni Velo, at s.t.
3. Michael Smith, Corley Cycles, at 8s
4. Jamie Caldwell, Cycle Premier/Kovert, at s.t.
5. Nicholas Baker, Tm Zappi, at 33s
6. Liam Stones, Corley Cycles
7. James Moss, Node 4 Giordano
8. Jason Edwards, GB Mstana
9. Dan Harris, Halesowen A &CC
10. Ashley Holding, GB Mstana, all s.t.
11. Alex Peterson, A W Cycles, at 53s
12. Chris Snook, Banjo Cycles
13. Vince Halpern, Handsling Racing
14. Marten Dawkins, Tm Quest
15. David Saunders, NFTO
16. Tom Gallagher, Metaltek/Scott
17. Tony Lock, Clile Edwards
18. Phil Holloway, Southend & County Wh, all s.t.
19. Benjamin Chgomas, Corley Cycles, at 1 lap
20. Simon Williams, Twickenham CC at 1 lap 12s
21. Will Couch, West Drayton MBC
22. Rafal Radzies, PM
23. Lubomir Belak, Welwyn Wh
24. John Donovan, GS Grupetto
25. Rob Griffiths, London Phoenix
26. Bill Butterworth, Twickenham CC
27. Chris Grange, Hemel Hempstead CC
28. Mark Ambury, GS Gregarios
29. Gavin Spiers, Vivelo/Inverse/Cyclaim
30. Neil Heffernan, Vivelo/Inverse/Cyclaim
31. Thmurtanwer Tanwir, London Dynamo
32. Patrick Martin, WyndyMilla UK Youth
33. Jason Streather, VC St Raphael/Waites
34. Andy Barnes, Hillingdon CC
35. Andrew Stronge, PM all at 1 lap
Archer Spring Races
21 April 2012, Hillingdon circuit

3/4 cats

Result 3/4 cats
1. Peter Cole, Handsling Racing, 25 miles in 1h 1m 3s
2. Martin Hunter, Colchester Rovers
3. Phil Glowinski, VC Londres
4. Louis Mosell, East London Velo
5. James Stacey-Marks, Velo Sport CC
6. Venter Grant, Finchley RT
7. Chris Denman, West Drayton MBC
8. Richard Jerome, Willesden CC
9. Fabio Amati, Aprise Bicycles
10. David Walker, Army CU
11. Joe Fry, Welwyn Wh
12. Jack Lawler Anderson/Zappi
13. ?
14. Amritp Virdi, Norwood Paragon
15. Louis Sarget, PM
16. James Samuel, Crest CC
17. Kevin Jefferies, Velo Schils
18. Will Tew, Zappi CC
19. Justin Costley, CC Hackney
20. Bethany Hayward, Welwyn Wh
21. James Leach, Twickenham CC
22. ? (orange top)
23. Sam Grant, West Drayton MBC
24. John Donovan, GS Grupetto
25. Abbie Dentus, Welwyn Wh
26. James Di Rico, High Wycombe CC
27. Adam Elderfield, Tm Quest
28. Tim Clark, PM
29. ? (black top)
30. Martin Dossett, Welwyn Wh

1. Bethany Hayward, Welwyn Wh
2. Phoebie Dentus, Welwyn Wh
3, Lucy Harker, Welwyn Wh


U16 Boys
1 Henry Dawson Prestige VC
2 Joseph Fry Welwyn Wheelers
3 Oliver Moors VC Jubilee
4 Jake Howes Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 Joe ? Fareham Wheelers
6 George Jary VC Londres
7 Taylor Rowe Ride 24/7
8 Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael
9 Sam ? ?
10 Oliver ? VC Londres
11 Alex McKerrell CC Hackney
12 Jordan Mooney Welwyn Wheelers
13 Noah Phillips VC Londres
14 Sam Dossett Welwyn Wheelers
15 Luke Andas? Wyndy Milla

U16 Girls
1 Kim English Welwyn Wheelers
2 Abigail Dentus Welwyn Wheelers
3 Lucy Harper Welwyn Wheelers
4 Bethany Hayward Welwyn Wheelers
5 Chloe Evans Welwyn Wheelers
6 Anna Marie Hughes Prestige VC
7 Kirsten Savage Willesden CC
8 Rebecca Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
DNF Francesca Morgan-Slader Lee Valley youth CC

U14 Boys
1 Jamie Hutchison I-team
2 Freddy wright VC Londres
3 Ben Moriarty Hillingdon Slipstreamers
4 Harry Bodgenor Redhill
5 Joshua Murphy Hillingdon Slipstreamers
6 Charles Page Hillingdon Slipstreamers
7 Louis Rose-Davies Hillingdon Slipstreamers
8 Mostyn Taylor Crockett? CC Hackney
9 Ned Oregan CC Hackney
10 Connor Woodford Willesden CC
11 Joe Clark I-team
12 Niall Dawkins Hillingdon Slipstreamers
13 Thomas Bennett Preston Park Youth CC

U14 Girls
1 Amy Smith VC Jubilee
2 Charlotte Cole-Hussain VC Londres
3 Megan Chard Newport Velo
4 Harriet Mellor Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 bethany Andas? Wyndy Milla

U12 Boys
1 Max Cheatle? VC Londres
2 Theo Modell East London Velo
3 Logan DeMouchaux? CC Hackney
4 Isaac Costley CC Hackney
5 Lance Hutchison VC ST Raphael?
6 Sam Clark I-team
7 Bede Geoghan Hart CC Hackney
8 Gregory Atkins Hillingdon Slipstreamers
9 Kareem Akinniki Herne Hill Youth CC
10 Nicholas Cowley-Andrea HIllingdon Slipstreamers
11 Timothy Dineen HIllingdon Slipstreamers
12 Louis Byrne CC Hackney

U12 Girls
1 Caitlin Peters Farnham Wheelers
2 Isabel Atkins HIllingdon Slipstreamers
3 Molly Lloyd CC Hackney

U10 Boys
1 Oscar Cowley-Andrea HIllingdon Slipstreamers
2 Harry Towning Welwyn Wheelers
3 Harvey Tadman HIllingdon Slipstreamers
4 Oliver Dawson HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U10 Girls
1 Amy Marvelly HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U8 Boys
1 Harvey Tadman HIllingdon Slipstreamers
2 Elliot Moreve HIllingdon Slipstreamers

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