Result: Emergency Services National Championships

Cycle Premier Kovert rider Tom Black has won the 2012 Emergency Services National Championships over 54 miles.

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1 Tom Black Cycle Premier – Kovert
2 Grahame Sumner Great Britain Fire Service
3 Peter Murdoch Team Cycle Lane
4 Stuart Reid Cumbria Fire and Rescue
5 Joe Kirkham Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s
6 Stuart Percival Great Britain Fire Service (FSSAA)
7 Chris Smart Great Britain Fire Service
8 Hamish Graham ASFRA Racing Team
9 Andy Warren Rock Racing Team UK
10 Jay Eastwood PSUK Cycle Race Team
11 Paul Shallicker Greater Manchester Police
12 Matthew Ryan North Wales Fire Service CC
13 colin mattinson PSUK
14 Simon Beldon West Yorkshire Police
15 Daniel Rainscourt Hampshire Police Constabulary
16 Andrew Louis Strathclyde Fire and Rescue
17 David Jackson Great Britain Fire Service (FSSAA)
18 Robert Adlard Team Wheelguru
19 Richard Phillips Schofield Hampshire Police Constabulary
20 Lee Plant PSUK Cycle Race Team
21 Neil Higgins Lancashire Constabulary CC (Preston CC)
22 Ian Sim GB Fire Service
23 Peter Danby Lancashire Police
24 Matt Hennon Inverclyde Velo

@ 1 lap
25 Ted Goss GMP Racing
26 Steve Legg PSUK Cycle Race Team
27 James Gilmour Club Member Strathclyde fire and rescue
28 Stuart Blackburn Lancashire Fire Service
29 Graham Stewart Derbyshire Police
30 Duncan Park Lancs Police
31 Hannah Sammut Doctor
32 Simon Davison Durham and Darlington Fire Rescue
33 Nicholas Mawson Swindon RC
34 Simon Bills Staffs Fire and rescue
35 Karl Povey Strathclyde Police
36 Duff Fawcett Great Britain Fire Service (FSSAA)
37 Michael Lund Great Britain Fire Service (FSSAA)
38 chris rainford GMC FIRE SERVICE TRI
39 Gary Davidson VC Astar Anderside
40 Richard Stott Lancashire Fire And Rescue
41 Craig Morgan GMP Police
42 John Booker Derbyshire Police
43 Richie Burnicle Cleveland Fire and Rescue
44 Alister Ogg VC Astar Anderside
45 Stuart Bannister West Yorkshire Police CC
46 Jeremy Greengrass PSUK Cycle Race Team
47 andrew saint PSUK
48 John Banner Derbyshire Police
49 Dean Cummings South Wales Police CC
50 Sally Murray Strathclyde Police Cycling Club
51 Richard McClements Cleveland fire service
52 Gareth Collom G M C Fire Services
53 Hywel Morgan South Wales Police CC
54 John Hampson lancs fire and rescue
55 Greg Plummer lancs fire and rescue
56 Marc Januszewski West Yorks FRS
57 Garry Kirk Strathclyde Fire & Rescue CC
58 alan davies PSUK
59 Barrie McGregor South Wales Police
60 Bernard Marlow Pendle Forest CC
61 Mike O’Regan Lancon Cycling Club
62 Alison Booker Derbyshire Police
63 Jennifer Milsom PSUK Cycle Race Team


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