Report: Bottrill takes second place to flying Hutch

On a cold and windy Saturday afternoon (April 21), the top time trialists in Britain gathered to ride the BDCA 25 mile time trial, held at Etwal, Derbyshire.

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The clash of the day was between Matthew Bottrill ( and Michael Hutchinson (In-Gear/Trainsharp) who are expected to be fighting out the 10 and 25 championships in the next six weeks. With both having done 46 minutes rides the previous week, in separate events, it was probably the most tasty clash in time trialing this year.

Bottrill’s team mates had already set the standards high and were leading the way on the result board before the two heavyweights went into battle. Derek Parkinson did a time of 51.20, Jeff Jones 50.39 and Charles Mcculloch 50.20, their times reflecting windy the condition’s were.

Then came the turn of Bottrill who had recorded a personal best in the previous weeks VTTA Wales 25 mile time trail of 46.47. Excellerating from the start the legs where feeling good and turning the pedals round on the 56 osymetric chainring, The outward leg was stright into a block head wind,Bottrill reached the turn in 27.27. But the return leg was a totally different story. The speeds the riders where reaching where just increderable. With a time of 16.37 done for the last time miles (36mph!!) Bottrill stopped the clock in a time of 47.55 to take the lead.

Out on the course Micheal Hutchinson had was also flying and stopped the clock in an increable 46.57, to take nearly a full minute out of Bottrill. Has a consultation prize Bottrill, Mcculloch and Jones took the team prize.

Asked about the race Bottrill replied ” Im really happy with my ride, everything went well and I could not have done any more. I’ve improved on last season. So for Michael to do a ride like that he must be incredible and must but him in world class form . It was that good a ride. Im now looking forward to having a weekend of racing, before the final build up towards the National 25mile championship in 7 weeks time. But seeing the list of job’s my wife Kate has given me, I think I would have been better of racing!!”

1st Michael Hutchinson In Gear Quickvit, Train Sharpe Rt 46.57
2nd Matthew Bottrill, 47.55
3rd Charles Mcculloch 50.20
4th Jeff Jones 50:37
5th Andy Bason, Team pedal Revolution/Cycle power meters 50:54
6th Matthew Sinclair, Luueterworth Cycle centre RT51:09
7th Derek Parkinson 51:20
8th Keith Murray Ferryhill Whls CC 51:50

Chris Pike 53:06
Jon Surtees 53:30
Dan Barnett 53:51
Adam Gascoigne 53:57
Jason Bateman 54:10
Alastair Semple 54:16


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