Talkingshop: Pete Williams (Node 4)

Pete Williams (Node4 Giordana) talks about winning the Drummond Trophy (Scotland) on Sunday

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Jim Golden writes … Not to be left out of the wins among the Node4 Giordana Subaru riders, which have been coming thick and fast, Pete Williams (the longest serving member of Phil Griffiths’) team took the honours at the Drummond Trophy Race in Scotland and hopes there will be plenty more for him this season.

The 25 year old from Skipton who dominated the CDNW series at the start of the year and also racked up a few time trial wins, said: “I have been going well all year and its all about getting in the right move. Basically, a few of us managed to get away fairly early with myself, Mike Northey (New Zealand) and Dave Clarke in. It went down to eight and Mike took off with about 30 miles to go which meant Raleigh had to chase and give me and Dave a free ride.”

“They could not catch him and with 15 miles to go, I jumped across to Mike who was about a minute up the road and then we basically rode across the line together, with me just in front. We did not really want to sprint against each other but I had done a lot for Mike in France so I suppose he was repaying me.”

Pete in one of his time trial wins in 2012.

“I had good legs in France but worked for Mike after he won Stage 1. He had the form – for someone to hold off a group of ten for the stage win meant he was going well so obviously I had to help him keep the jersey. The form is starting to come. I know that my form is coming when I start to climb well and I am climbing well.”

“I hope I will be riding at Melton on Sunday as I have not ridden since 2009 when I punctured. I think it is a race where I can get up there. I just want to get the results in the next big races. At the moment, everyone in the team is going well. Mike is particularly strong and a great addition to the team and hopefully he is going to win some races.”

Looking ahead to the RAS in Ireland, a race that many British teams do and have had success in, Pete says “we have the Ras in about a month and that’s a race I have gone well in. It can be unpredictable, but I seem to manage to get in the breaks. I think I would rather get a stage win there than say fourth on GC.”

“As I seem to have good form early season, I just want to win as many races as possible as well ride my bike as long as possible and earn my living from it.”

1. Pete Williams Node4 Giordana Racing elite 3hrs 44mins
2. Mike Northey Node4 Giordana Racing elite st
3. Evan Oliphant Team Raleigh elite At: 3min .26
4. Ben Greenwood 1st st
5. David Clarke Node4 Giordana Racing elite st
6. Andy Coupe Herbalife-leisure Elite st
7. Matt Holmes Team Raleigh 1st At: 3min .30
8. James McCallum Rapha Condor Sharp Elite At: 7min .21
9. Gary Hand  pedalpower-Endura-Forme st
10. Rab Hassan Herbalife-leisure Elite At: 7min .51
11. Bren Townshend Team Raleigh 1st st
12. Ben Dean Team Bglobal 1st st
13. Robin Wilkins Equipe Velo ecosse 1st st
14. Kieren Banlin 2nd st
15. James Sampson Node4 Giordana Racing elite st
16. Veli-matti Raikkonen Granite City RT 2nd st
17. Simon Holt Team Raleigh elite At: 8min .11
18. Kieran Frend Node4 Giordana Racing 1st At: 11min .14
19. Eddie Addis Equipe Velo Ecosse 2nd st
20. Craig Adams GJS Racing team 2nd st


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