Introducing Molly Weaver – 2nd in the Cheshire Classic

An 18 year old, just, Molly Weaver from Herefordshire rode superbly to finish second to a World Class rider in Sarah Storey on Sunday. VeloUK spoke to Molly to find out more about the former Halesowen rider…

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Molly explained after the Cheshire Classic that last year was her first season of racing when she rode for the Halesowen club who helped her get started. “I built my way up through the season and then during a solid winter of training, I joined Scott Epic, a new trade team and have been working hard from there” Molly explained.

Talking about the Cheshire Classic, a difficult race especially with the likes of Sarah Storey stoking the fire, Molly explained how she knew a break would go, it was just a matter of when. The youngster explained that from last year, she knew that there were going to be a lot of attacks on the climb and so she did the sensible thing by staying near the front.

“From the gun, I tried to stay near the front” she explained. “I thought it would be easier doing that as everyone was riding really hard on the climb.”

“I tried to go with everything and was feeling quite tired because there were lots of attacks but I just kept positive and thought ‘I have to stay with it’. Everything was being brought back though and I did think at one stage that maybe nothing was going to go because the group obviously didn’t want to let a break go.”

“When Sarah went, we found ourselves drifting off the front and then she attacked. I thought, she’s the wheel to have as she has a time trialling background and is really really strong. It was difficult to stay with her and she did put in more turns than I did but we had an agreement that if I couldn’t do any more turns, I wouldn’t contest the sprint”.

“I felt it would stay away with Sarah driving it and was really keen to stay with her.”

Looking ahead to the rest of this year, Molly says “I just want to keep improving this season as I am still quite new to the sport. Learning race tactics, how to race in a group and see what happens.”

Molly describes herself as quite stubborn which for someone wanting to be a winning bike rider is a good trait. “When I set myself goals, I do try to stick them and I haven’t had a coach this year but my dad has been helping me out and we’ve had quite a firm training plan.”

“It is hard to balance that with college work but having the team behind me has helped because that gives me the motivation to want to do well for the team.”

Junior rider Molly Weaver  (right)  is second to a rider with many an international medal to her name, Sarah Storey and London’s Corrine Hall.


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