Blog: Specialized Lululemon rider Trix Worrack

Trixi Worrack won the Gracia Orlova Queen Stage today in the Czech Republic. Here is her blog …

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April 28th, 2012, Czech Republic – By Trixi Worrack

It’s 8.30 am we are having breakfast at this interesting place here in Czech republic. What to expect for breakfast today? Looking at the table there is this wrapped plate, everyone so exited what’s underneath, best thing by far here these days , homemade blueberry pancakes from our soigneur Beth .

So you would think she has a lot of time and has nothing more to do, prepare pancakes for us in the morning. No she does not, there is always lots to do for her. Thanks Beth. It was really yummy.

Our staff always giving there best for us , so the response to say thanks to them, to give it back with Victories. Ellen’s mantra : success is a choice ! We took this choice again today.

Driving in the “rocking” Bulli to the race today, there is this fantastic Czech music channel and they play ‘listen to your heart’ from Roxette . Everyone is singing , Ellen’s idea is, to sing in canon. So we did, hopefully there was no secret camera to tape that. Must have sounded awful.

Should we remind Ellen to listen to her heart going up that climb which we have to do today?!

Anyway stuck in a traffic jam just 45 minutes till the start and Ally is getting really nervous, already fully dressed in her bike clothes, while the rest of us are really relaxed, still singing and laughing . We made it there just 30 minutes before the start.

Today was the hardest stage of the tour from visible view, 1600m of climbing . Lucky the weather got better the last 3 days. They nearly had to take out the first long climb , because there was still snow on top of it couple days ago. It would have made the whole race different , because that was the hardest climb of the day and our plan was to attack straight away on this one.

Long way to go till the finish, but we did what we decided before the race at the meeting. Ally , Katie and Ellen led us out into the climb and by the top we were just a group of four , after the downhill just 3 of us left. So Evie and me nodding to each other to go full on without one word.

The race seemed so long , if you are in the break for nearly 100 km, but we made it. Me attacking 2 km before the finish and making it up that nasty final climb first. Evie kept her Yellow. So one more day here on our beautiful Czech trip.
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