Report: George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits

Excellent report (plus results) from Mike Leonard and the first round of the races on Friday, April 27

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George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits (event website)

With the weather in full monsoon season, it was a pleasant suprise to have a clear sunny, if not chilly, Friday evening to kick off race 1 of the series. The riders duly responded with a very good turnout for both races and it seemed the public were also keen to get to the fresh air as they too were out in good numbers.

Many thanks to John Powell who used the Hove Park Series for his new team ASL360 launch presentation, and providing the prize money for the primes on the night.

The Cat 2/3 race took off at its by now customary fast pace, quickly starting to shell riders out the back from the first lap onwards. The first serious sortie was made by Steve Calland (Southdown Bikes) bursting off the front on his own for a couple of laps and in the process taking the first £10 prime prize.

His attack was quickly nullified by Mitre riders and thus setting up a counter attack by last years overall series winner Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre) who was quickly joined by Jon (Eddy) Lewis (Charlotteville CC) to keep him company. These front two worked hard together keeping the pack at bay by 20secs with Eddy picking up the second £10 prime, the pack seemed to slow for a lap or two which then allowed the hardworking two to stretch their lead a little further.

It was on the third prime lap that Mike Coyle showed his experience by letting Eddy sprint for the prime prize and then attacking him over the top getting the gap and taking off on his own. Isolated on his own, Eddy was re-integrated into the pack and the leader stretched out his time gap.

Apart from a concerted effort to close the gap by the Southdown threesome, Steve Calland, Gary Brind and Paul Barnard, Mike Coyle rode away solo to win. The bunch sprint for second was deservedly taken by Eddy Lewes, a great reward for his attacking riding with Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre) third over the line.

As a result of his second place & picking up points on his two primes Eddy Lewis is the George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits overall leader after race 1.

Race Winner – Mike Coyle

Cat 2/3 Race Result:-
1. Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre)
2. John Lewis (Charlotteville CC)
3. Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)
4. Gray Brind (Southdown Bikes)
5. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)
6. Stuart Harvey (Ultimate Fitness)
7. Gavin Starling (Brighton Mitre)
8. Oli Pepper (Movelo)
9. Stuart Bettis (Team Terimator)
10. Matthew Butt (Team ASL360)
11. Robert Quin (Brighton Mitre)
12. Steve Calland (Southdown Bikes)
13. Toby Leyton (Brighton Mitre)
14. Paul Barnard (Southdown Bikes)
15. Sam Cheesman (Team ASL360)
16. Luke Farren (Brighton Mitre)
17. Steve Kane ( Brighton Excelisor)
18. Martin O’Brien (Brighton Mitre)
19. Joseph Saville (Brighton Mitre)
20. Jack Priddle (Eastbourne Rovers)
21. Paul Thatcher (Brighton Mitre)
DNF – Jason Hucklesby (Brighton Mitre)
DNF – Matt Hill (V02 Development Team)
DNF – Stuart Fahey (Brighton Mitre)

Overall Points Standings After Race 1:-
1. John Lewis (Charlotteville CC………13pts
2. Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre)………..10pts
3. Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)…………..5pts
4. Gray Brind (Southdown Bikes)……..3pts
4. Steve Calland (Southdown Bikes)….3pts
5. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)…………1pt

Category 4
The Cat 4 race was won by Jamie Durmush, a good result taking into consideration this was his first race. The race itself took up it’s usual format of very little solo attacking but a selection of the strongest by just consistent fast riding. This resulted in only a group of 6 coming to the finish together to contest the win. With Byron Webb (Southdown Velo) making the schoolboy error of sitting up before the line thinking he had got second place but being pipped on the line by Elliot Lipski (VC Elan) relegating him to third – lesson learned!

Cat 4 Race Result:-
1. Jamie Durmush
2. Elliot Lipski
3. Byron Webb
4. Matt Townsend
5. Joe Hyatt
6. George Moore
7. Jack Evans
8. Trevor Roberts
9. Gary Burgess
10.Mark Emsley
11. Sean Everett
12. Jono Skilton
13. Stuart Robertson
14. Nigel O’Brien
15. Nick Smith
16. Martin Trickey
17. Simon Dowling
18. Alan Newman
19. James Danvers
20. Michael Turner
21. Neil Midgley
22. Dan Fagg
DNF – John Watts
DNF – David Harries

A massive thanks to all those who came & helped out. Without your input these races wouldn’t be possible, so again well done & thanks.

Hope to see all for round two in the series on the 18th May.
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