Report: Bournemouth Arrow/Raymond Brown Track League 1

The first round of the Raymond Brown track league was hailed a success, bright evening sunshine and fast aggressive racing christened the track.

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A programme of youth racing, scratch, points and elimination races kept coming till the sun went down. Poole Wheelers junior, Harrison Fielding has plenty of speed in his legs, a winter on the Calshot track has seen to that. Fielding was always at the head of affairs, looking to make the race, the impetuosity of youth getting the better of the tactician perhaps. “It hurts but it’s meant to” said the youngster.

He did not have it all his own way however, Will Stephenson (Primera/Specialized), also a junior, looks effortlessly strong, either chasing down or going for a “long one”. Sixth overall in the recent Junior Tour of Bristol does not come without effort.

Jordan Wade (VC ST Raphael/Waite Contracts) is another youngster with the fight and determination required to win. The action was fast and thrilling! The small crowd of supporters and the” just curious” were certainly entertained. “Come along and watch for free” say the Bournemouth Cycling Centre.

The youngsters are the future but it is not all about them, experienced campaigner Roland Tilley (, raced on the old Winton Rec “D” shaped track. Twice a winner of the South DC DIVS, Tilley, 48, spends his time racing mountain bikes but the track craft was evident and the fire still burns. “That Fielding was just a bit too fast for me tonight but its early days”

Despite the loss of the two dress rehearsal events to the rain, the officials soon found their feet and the operation will get slicker. The turnout was disappointing; no doubt the recent bad weather was a factor for those who had to travel. The locals, however, had no such excuse; the sun had been shining since early afternoon. Event promoter Alan McRae expects to double the numbers and momentum will undoubtedly build. McRae was happy with the first ever track meeting at the venue!

“It is all about speed. Tonight’s racing was the fastest ever held in Bournemouth, it proved what a thrilling sport track cycling is and provided a shop window for local talent. These weekly meetings will really sharpen up riders so they ride and think quicker, and are therefore be more competitive. It is an opportunity not to be missed”.



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