CiCLE Classic: Russell Downing (Endura Racing)

The 2012  CiCLE Classic saw Endura Racing again triumph and one of the squad who has helped the team to a winning 2012 is Russell Downing. His story in words and pictures.

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Russell battles the weather after he attacks the peloton to chase the break after bad luck at the start of the race.

“We have a great bunch of guys in Endura Racing and we all know what to do” Russell explained when asked about the run of success. “We’re all racers and we’re not going to let some one get in the break who can’t win the race. Blain was perfect for the CiCLE Classic. He is such a strong hard man. We’re flying in the UK and abroad.”

Russell’s CiCLE Classic however didn’t go to plan and he was one of probably 150 riders who all had stories to tell after the race. “I had one of those days with bad luck. I punctured at the start and got a wheel that wasn’t working well so I had to change that and by the time I’d done a massive effort to get back, I was pretty gassed and the break had gone. I then spent the rest of the race trying to get back to the front.”

Russell in attacking mode on the KoM hill at Cold Overton.

“I managed to get back to the remains of the break with Sam Harrison. The conditions were horrible, windy, wet , wild and very cold. It was a bit of a crazy race. I had dead legs all day with it being so cold and I’m getting old so there’s not as much fat on the legs as there used to be!”

Russell now heads for the Tour of Reservoir which he has won before and then the following week, he, and the whole country probably, is praying for some sunshine at Lincoln where he’ll be going for his fourth win in the race.


 Somerberg the first time through into the final third of the race and Russell continues his long lone chase. 

Finally, 13 minutes down on his teammate Alex Blain, Russell crosses the line after a wild, wet and freezing ride chasing the race. Credit to Russell because the peloton he attacked out of after his puncture and wheel change, were pulled from the race. 


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