Report: Andy Morrison Memorial Road Race

Jonathan Shubert (High Wycombe CC) solos to a win at Cranfield on Saturday morning

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The powerful looking Jonathan Shubert (High Wycombe CC) was one of only a handful of riders to bravely put his nose into the strong wind blowing around the Cranfield circuit in Saturday’s 65km Andy Morrison Memorial Road Race and picked up a well-deserved win for his efforts.

Whilst it was Shubert who took the win, it was London Dynamo’s Richard Simmons who took the race by the scruff of the neck in the opening laps and started a solo ride at the front that lasted until there were just 10 laps of the tight, 3.5km circuit to go.

“I guess it was really a suicide effort to go off on my own straight from the off with that strong wind blowing across the circuit” the 38 year old Londoner explained after the race, “but I kept looking over my shoulder hoping a small group would join me”.

Ticking off the laps, Simmonds opened a gap of over 45 seconds at one point but the long drag to the top of the circuit started to drain his legs and as the bunch got closer and closer, the eventual third placed man (Malcolm Smith – St Ives) clipped off the front of the chasers to join him.

But rather than the peloton sweeping up the now leading pair, Simmonds got a new lease of life having been joined by Smith and the pair started to open their own gap.

Shubert now played his hand and a couple of laps later, the youngster bridged the gap with his own solo effort to join the front of the race.

From that point on, the now leading trio worked tirelessly together, each taking turns on the front, especially on the very exposed back end of the circuit and with the rest of the field drifting further back, it was clear that these three would now contest the win.

Up to the top of the climb on the final lap, Simmonds tried to pull way but was out jumped by Shubert as they passed the kilometre to go sign. And turning into the fast, tail-wind assisted finishing straight, it was the younger Shubert who had the most in reserve as they headed to the chequered flag, opening a winning gap of some 20 metres over the hard working Simmonds.

Report Gordon Wiseman


1 Jonathon Shubert High Wycombe CC 01:45:12
2 Richard Simmons London Dynamo at 6 secs
3 Malcolm Smith St Ives CC at 14 secs
4 Ed Ashby Private Member at 59 secs
5 Henry Latimer Dream Cycles st
6 James Norris High Wycombe CC st
7 Ed Clemens VC10 st
8 Jonny Shuster XRT Elmy Cycles st
9 Will Hayter London Dynamo st
10 Jeoff Williams Python RT st
11 Marc Flay Kenilworth Wheelers st
12 Patrick Martin UK Youth st
13 Phil Raynor Welland Valley Wheelers st
14 Joshua Maynard Welwyn Wheelers st
15 Duncan Thorp Arbis LLP st
16 Adam Fisher Private Member st
17 Alex Pantelides VO2 st
18 Matthew Conner Supernova st
19 Simon Moss Spirit RT st
20 Alan Trulove West Suffolk Wheelers st
21 Cameron Foster Zappis CC st
22 Rupert Beale Beeline Bikes st
23 Nigel Stephens Finchley RT st
24 Sean Dines Team Corley Cycles st
25 Richard Golding Twenty3c st


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