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The domination by Endura Racing continues as Scott Thwaites wins Tour of Reservoir with Peter Hawkins seconds and Russell Downing third

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The Big Album — Almost 200 images from the Tour of Reservoir

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The third Premier Calendar event of 2012 has been won by Endura Racing who have won all three held so far and today with two on the podium, it shows just how tough they are to beat.

It was a dominant display by the team who were in all the breaks right down to the final one by Ian Wilkinson of Endura Racing and Node4’s Pete Williams which was caught in the closing stages of the race.

Video of the closing stages

The day started with a break going in the first few kilometres which included Paul Oldham (Hope Factory racing), Magnus Backstedt (UK Youth), Russell Downing (Endura Racing), Jamie Sparling (Raleigh-GAC) and Tom Moses (GB Academy).

When that break came back, there was a period of the race when plenty of attacks were made but nothing stuck. Russell Downing meanwhile was battling with Ben Greenwood ( for the King of the Mountains competition and won that before the big battle was fought for the race victory.

Plenty of moves in the second half of the race got a gap but nothing was sticking. Collin Humphrey was away on his own for a while, Scott Thwaites and Pete Williams were away for a few laps and then Rob Partridge made a lone effort too. But they came to nothing and the closing stages continued to be dominated by Endura Racing.

In the final three kilometres, Ian Wilkinson was away with Node4 rider Pete Williams but knowing he wasn’t going to win the race, Wilkinson waited for his teammates to come up as Williams, who had already been in another break, did his best to stay clear.

Russell Downing jumps off the wheel of Ben Greenwood ( to win another KoM sprint.

After an attack by Russell Downing to close the break down, a counter was then made by Dean Windsor and Scott Thwaites and with the peloton on their heels, these two raced and caught the leaders before Thwaites sprinted clear to win by a few lengths from Peter Hawkins (IG Sigma sport) and Russell Downing.

Footnote: Bernie Sulzberger fell and had a deep cut in his leg which he thinks may need stitches. All the best to Bernie.

Video: the BCpremiercalendar Event Show

Scott Thwaites: “The team were fantastic today. We always had a rider in the moves and were attacking in the last few laps putting the other teams under pressure and that showed at the end when we had plenty of options and coming into the finish, anyone of us could have won really.”

Russell Downing, Scott Thwaites and Peter Hawkins

“Dean (Windsor) did a fantastic job and was going so well down the hill and as soon as we turned into the Reservoir, I just came off his wheel up the short steep hill and that’s the sort of finish that suits me similar to Lincoln.”
Russell Downing – “Today, we took the race on and everyone knows we want to race and we’re the guys to beat.” Talking about getting in the early break of five, Russell explained “We were going really well but I think the team pursuit boys (Ed Clancy/Andy Tennant) brought it back because I spoke to Tennant and he said ‘don’t you get in a break again’! I think it nailed him.”

“I wanted to get a good workout after a few weeks at home so I went on the march early on and so many times in this race I was attacking, but it was one of those races you couldn’t get away with no wind out there. We knew what we had to do in the finale.”

Scott Thwaites wins the 2012 Tour of the Derwent Reservoir.

Peter Hawkins (IG Sigma Sport): “It’s great to get on the podium in my first Premier with IG-Sigma Sport. I have mainly been riding in Ireland as the rest of the team have been riding smaller National B races here but from here on, its mostly a UK or UCI calendar from now on. I knew I would be competitive and I know I am riding the best I’ve been so far. It is difficult to judge how I’m going to go because the UK scene has picked up over the last few years but I have moved up as well.”

Talking about the finish, he says “I just tried to stay at the front. I tried not to do too much to save the legs a little bit and Simon Richardson was in front and he gave me a really good lead out and took me into the last corner and then I just held a good wheel. Downing kicked in front of me and I was able to grab his wheel and quite surprised to come round him to be honest.”

“I’m really really pleased with the result. These hard races that wear a field down and end with an uphill finish are my kind of race. And I have had three years in Belgium so I know how to ride them. Lincoln is very much like a Belgium kermesse and while I won’t be as unknown as I was today but hopefully I can do the same or better next week hopefully.”

Steve Lampier of IG Sigma Sport leads the peloton out of Blanchland for the start in sunshine of the third round of the Premier Calendar.

Dean Windsor of Endura Racing on the attack after the five man break was brought back.

Raleigh-GAC having a dig too but with no wind and no big climbs, it was proving hard to break clear and stay clear. 

Bob Howden black flags a group that has been dropped and outside the cut off time limit.

Last years winner Ian Bibby of Endura racing on the move off the front.

Scott Thwaites (Endura Racing) leads Pete Williams (Node4) was on a good day but outnumbered by Endura.

Rob Partridge, KoM in Bretagne earlier this week, on his solo attack.

Collin Humphrey shows that you don’t need to be wearing an Endura top to break clear of the field.


1. Scott Thwaites, Endura Racing 4:04:47
2. Peter Hawkins, IG Sigma Sport
3. Russell Downing, Endura Racing both @ same time
4. Graham Briggs, Raleigh-GAC @ 2sec
5. Andy Tennant, Rapha Condor-Sharp @ 5sec
6. Pete Williams, Node 4-Giordana
7. Marcel Six, Metaltek
8. Michael Berling, Cycle Premier
9. Evan Oliphant, Raleigh GAC
10. Wouter Sybrandy, IG Sigma Sport
11. Marcin Bialoblocki, Node 4-Giordana
12. Yanto Barker, UK Youth
13. David Clarke, Node 4-Giordana
14. Alistair Slater, GB Academy
15. Tom Barras, Metaltek Scott
16. Ben Greenwood,
17. Erick Rowsell, Endura Racing
18. Colin Parry, Wilier Live2Ride
19. Mike Northey, Node 4-Giordana @ 11.50
20. Sam Harrison, GB Academy @13.10
21. Ian Wilkinson, Endura Racing
22. Tom Stockdale, Primal Europe
23. Rob Partridge, Endura Racing
24. Dean Windsor, Endura Racing
25. Ben Stockdale Metaltek Scott
26. Paul Oldham, Hope Factory
27.Rhys Lloydm Metaltek-Scott
28. George Moore, Cycle Premier Kovert
29. Dale Appleby, Metaltek Scott @ 17.40
30. Kieran Frend, Node 4-Giordana st

Premier Calendar Overall
1. Scott Thwaites, Endura Racing 244pts
2. Jonny McEvoy, Endura Racing 154
3. Erick Rowsell, Endura Racing 149



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