Result: Cheshire TLI EVening Road Race Series

Results from week three of the series at Lower Withington

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Under 40’s
1. Pete Wilbraham, Team Elite
2. Anthony Allen, Macclesfield Whs
3. Matthew Read, Manchester Whs

40- 444
1. Ged Heap, GP Platers
2. Andy Prince, Stafford RC
3. Scott Smith, Birkenhead North End

1.Steve Cartwright, Graham Weigh RT
2.Stewart Dwyer, St Helens CRC
3. Charles Gray, Manchester Whs

1. Keith Jones, Graham Weigh RT
2. Neil Russell, Liverpool Mercury
3. Kevin Underhill, Weaver Valley CC

1. Steve Horsey, Whitfield RT
2. Steve Costello, Preston CC
3. Goirdon Wallace, Graham Weigh RT

Over 60
1. Nigel Harrop, Seamons CC
2. Ashley Cress, Seamons CC
3. Mike Wilson, Audlem CC
RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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