Result: Surrey League Dunsfold Park Vets Series 2

Jason Edwards and Martin O’Brien winners of the over 40 and over 50 races at Dunsfold Park on May 16

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Masters C/D (40+)
1. Jason Edwards GB -MSTINA
2. Jonathan Lewis Charlotteville CC
3. John Hyde VC St Raphael
4. Craig Wilson VC Meudon
5. David Larkin Charlotteville CC
6. Alistair McLean Southdown Velo
7. Gavin Starling Brighton Mitre CC
8. Howard Radcliffe I-Team Cyclists’ Club
9. Paul Thatcher Brighton Mitre CC
10. Robert Quin Brighton Mitre CC
11. Ashley Baker Brighton Mitre CC
12. Alan Yule
13. Austin Bell Kingston Whls CC
14. Martin Green Bayeux Cycling Team
15. Andrew Bocking G.S. Henley
16. Simon Nicholls VC St Raphael
17. Dean Frost VC Meudon
18. Mark Warrington Southdown Velo
19. Darryl Rice Southdown Velo
20. Steve Calland Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
21. Mike Saunders Team Corridori

Masters Over 50
1. Martin O’Brien Brighton Mitre CC
2. Keith Brooks GS Vecchi
3. Paul Nelson VC Meudon
4. Murray Quiney Southdown Velo
5. Andy Grant VC Meudon
6. Richard Simmons VC Meudon
7. Mario Manelfi Team ASL360
8. Alan Cooper Brighton Excelsior CC
9. Paul Gosling Bayeux Cycling Team
10. Lindsey Ruocco VC Meudon
11. Martin Booty Brighton Mitre CC
12. Paul Webb
13. Tony Wells Epsom Cycling Club
14. Martin Porter Thames Velo
15. Richard Varian Epsom Cycling Club


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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