Report & Photos: National 10 Championships

Michael Hutchinson wins the Men’s 10 title, Julia Shaw the Women’s  & Ryan Mullen the Junior category at the RTTC 10 mile time trial championships in Cambridgeshire.

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The afternoon session saw the two heavyweights in British time trialling, Michael Hutchinson and Matt Bottrill clash again with  Hutchinson winning the title from Bottrill with Nicolas Hutchings beating former European Junior TT Champ, Joe Perrett, for the final medal placing.

During the morning session of the RTTC 10 mile time trial championships, Julia Shaw defended her title yet again with a 22.27 on the wind swept course near Sawtry. Running alongside the A1M, the B1043 course is a straight out and back with few obstacles for the rider except the cold and wind.

Michael Hutchinson on his way to victory. Earlier, he’d been seen out on the course taking some measurements, leaving nothing to chance as he beat his own course record by three seconds. Reports had him travelling at 40mph during the ride.

Team Report – Drag2Zero

Sunday afternoon saw the British 10 mile National Time Trial championship taking place in Sawtry over an out and back circuit with some good bike handling needed for the technical start and windswept conditions.

Early indications that it was going to be a hard day out there were shown by Matt Bottrill’s team mate, Paul Welsby, who set a time of 24.04. Paul comments where “It’s well hard – you have just got to give it everything on the way out!”

With Paul home safe and dry. Next rider from the Drag2Zero team to take the lead was Charles McCulloch who set a time of 20.51, to take the lead from Raleigh GAC professional Russell Hampton (21.08). With Charles leading the way for the Drag2zero team, another team member Mark Holton came home 21.12 and Jon Simpkins in 20.58. With their team director and adviser at the event, Simon Smart, his attendance was bringing out the best in the team.

Hutch’s closest rival was again Matt Bottrill who was 19 seconds slower and the only other other rider under 20 minutes on the windswept course.

Next came the battle that everybody had been waiting for when eight time winner of the National 10 mile championship Michael Hutchinson (In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp) and Matthew Bottrill ( With both having shown dramatic improvements in form this season and pushing each other to new heights of performance, only one would be crowned the champion.

Bottrill was the first to leave, knowing his bike was running at optimal performance after a wind tunnel session at the drag2zero wind tunnel HQ earlier in the week, Bottrill knew the Giant Trinity SL Advantage TT time frame equipped with the ENVE wheels and with some high grade performance bearings added thanks to Ultimate ceramic bearings, Bottrill knew that the bike was running like a formula one car!

To the race. Powering from the start, Bottrill was soon up to speed and hitting the power that coach Bob Tobin had set. Within the first mile, there were two roundabout’s which he flew round with ease, but on the 3rd one, Bottrill over cooked it and nearly came down, costing him a few seconds. With some successful rescue efforts, he was soon back into his stride and with the turn at 5 miles in sight, it was good news.

The Big Photo Album

Bottrill was in first position and heading for home. With the tail wind section left and hitting speeds of 40mph in places, Bottrill took the lead in a time of 19.59 with an average speed of 30mph. With Bottrill home, Hutch was on the road and powering into the wind. At the first time check, the news was good Bottrill and Hutch where neck and neck, but with 8 titles under his belt Hutch was not about to let the title go and he stopped the clock in 19.40, taking a further 3 seconds off the course record.

Afterwards, Matt was happy with the ride. “I’m happy with my performance today and got everything out. I nearly collapsed at the finish so that’s a sure sign you have pushed youreslf to the limit.”

“Michael once again did a great ride and shown that he is the best 10 mile time trialist but 19 secs is an improvement for myself and the closest I ever got. A big part of this improvement has come from the performance in the bike thanks to, the help and length Simon Smart and Natalie Atkins have gone to, helping me are more than I could ever asked for.”

Raleigh-GAC professional, Russell Hampton.

“I really owe them a lot and can’t thank them enough for believing in me. The other side is the training thanks to Bob Tobin pushing me to new limits and supporting me with advice and never letting me give in. Bob always looks at all my rides and work’s out where I can improve. Another key part todays medal has been from Jason Lavine at I-massage, always looking at new ways of how to perform and recover better.

A big thanks also goes out to Martin Garner & Peter Lavine who took me to the race today, and made sure I stayed Calm, But in the end I think they where more nervous then me!!  Finally the biggest factor in all of this is my Family, Wife kate and my daughter Isla, with out there support none of this would have been possible I thank you all.

Photo Album from the Morning Session

Women & Juniors

Julia Shaw.

Claire Galloway

Ryan Mullen.


1 Michael Hutchinson In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:19:40
2 Matthew Bottrill 00:19:59
3 Nicolas Hutchings CS Grupetto 00:20:22
4 Joe Perrett PCA Ciclos Uno 00:20:24
5 George Atkins 100% ME 00:20:35
6 Charles McCulloch 00:20:51
7 Richard Simmonds London Dynamo 00:20:52
8 Jon Simpkins 00:20:58
9 Andy Bason Team 00:21:06
10 Russell Hampton Team Raleigh GAC 00:21:08
11 Peter Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:21:09
12 Kieron Davies Bynea CC 00:21:10
13 Rob Pears Bath CC 00:21:10
14 Adam Topham High Wycombe CC 00:21:11
15 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 00:21:11
16 Mark Holton 00:21:12
17 Mike Rudling Wightlink Offshore RT 00:21:12
18 James Coleman Witham Wheelers CC 00:21:19
19 Martin Williamson London Dynamo 00:21:21
20 Will Mangar Kent Cycles RC 00:21:21
21 Seth Kay Datateam Allstars 00:21:23
22 Oliver Rossi Rapha Condor Sharp 00:21:24
23 Simon Harradine Team Echelon Rotor 00:21:26
24 Rupert Burbidge In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:21:33
25 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:21:35
26 Stephen Whitewick Contre La Montre 00:21:35
27 Ken Buckley AW 00:21:38
28 Sebastian Ader a3crg 00:21:38
29 Mark Hammond Stourbridge Velo 00:21:39
30 Brett Harwood Time RT 00:21:40
31 Xavier Disley University of Birmingham CC 00:21:42
32 Julian Ramsbottom Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC 00:21:42
33 Robert Moore London Phoenix CC 00:21:44
34 Scott Burns Manchester Wheelers CC 00:21:44
35 Jonathan Shubert High Wycombe CC 00:21:45
36 Ben Anstie Cadence Cannondale RT 00:21:45
37 James Ratcliffe Fred Williams Racing 00:21:46
38 Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC 00:21:49
39 Steve Irwin Kingston Wheelers CC 00:21:53
40 Michael Barnes Kent Cycles RC 00:21:56
41 Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power Loughborough 00:21:56
42 Henry Latimer Dream Cycling 00:21:56
43 Daniel Barnett North Notts Olympic RC 00:21:56
44 Lee Tunnicliffe High Wycombe CC 00:21:56
45 Sebastian Pancratz Beeline Cycles RT 00:21:57
46 Andrew Green Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 00:21:59
47 Dean Lubin PCA Ciclos Uno 00:22:00
48 Stephen Walkling VC St Raphael 00:22:01
49 Dan Sadler RT 316 00:22:02
50 Mick Hodson St Ives CC 00:22:02
51 Nick English AW 00:22:04
52 David Watson Coventry RC 00:22:09
53 Scott Walker MG D̩cor РTeam Carbon Bikes Solutions 00:22:12
54 David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:22:13
55 Nick Dwyer Lewes Wanderers CC 00:22:14
56 Ged Millward Ilkley CC 00:22:17
57 Geoff Platts MG D̩cor РTeam Carbon Bikes Solutions 00:22:22
58 Ian Lewis Walsall Roads CC 00:22:23
59 Richard Gifford In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:22:25
60 Will Corden Lyme RC 00:22:25
61 Christopher Hulme Revolution Fitness 00:22:27
62 Peter Weir 00:22:28
63 Tim Davies Icknield RC 00:22:28
64 David Williams Fibrax Wrexham RC 00:22:29
65 Iain Brogden Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:22:29
66 Warren Gell 00:22:29
67 Alexander Kirk Dulwich Paragon CC 00:22:31
68 Jason Gurney 00:22:31
69 Justin Garon 45 RC 00:22:33
70 Nigel Stephens Finchley RT 00:22:36
71 Shaun Eden Mapperley CC 00:22:37
72 Jason Swann Mapperley CC 00:22:40
73 David McCabe Rapid Performance Coaching 00:22:41
74 John Storms Kingston Wheelers CC 00:22:41
75 Murat Ozdenya Team Vision Racing 00:22:42
76 Dave Lazenby Baines Racing Silverstone 00:22:42
77 George Fox 45 RC 00:22:42
78 Marc Clothier South Downs Bikes 00:22:44
79 Martin Jones Fenland Clarion CC 00:22:44
80 Nige Wood Wills Wheels CC 00:22:47
81 Thomas Bertenshaw Bristol & District Triathletes 00:22:48
82 Steve Batsford 00:22:48
83 Andrew Robbins University of Birmingham CC 00:22:50
84 Dave Kendall Finsbury Park CC 00:22:55
85 John Brearley Cottingham Coureurs CC 00:22:57
86 Andrew Askwith Bridlington CC 00:23:02
87 David Dickerson Team Echelon Rotor 00:23:04
88 Mark Solley Diss & District CC 00:23:04
89 Gary Davis North Notts Olympic RC 00:23:08
90 David Motton Redhill CC 00:23:16
91 James Rutherford Maxgear RT 00:23:17
92 Tom Kruger 45 RC 00:23:18
93 Stephen Morrell Aylesbury CC 00:23:19
94 Nick Cave Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 00:23:24
95 Rob Young Essex Roads CC 00:23:24
96 Ian Bibby Finsbury Park CC 00:23:34
97 Jeremy Hargrave Spalding CC 00:23:37
98 Stephen Clayton Lichfield City CC 00:23:38
99 Trevor Chilman In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:23:43
100 Paul Davis St Ives CC 00:23:45
101 Reg Smith Datateam Allstars 00:23:51
102 Chris Yates Otley CC 00:23:52
103 Ben Turp Mid Devon CC 00:23:54
104 Michael Gore Abellio-SFA Racing Team 00:23:54
105 Ben Wimpory Loughborough Students CC 00:23:55
106 Paul Carr iCycle CC 00:23:57
107 Paul Williams West Drayton MBC 00:23:58
108 Paul Welsby 00:24:04
109 Mark Shepherd 00:24:06
110 Phil Jarvis Colchester Rovers CC 00:24:09
111 Andy Morgan Corinium CC 00:24:31
112 Adrian Manning Wyre Forest CRC 00:24:38
113 Nick Hitchens Peterborough CC 00:24:44
114 Malc Jacklin Fenland Clarion CC 00:24:54
115 Sam Hayes Team 00:25:03
116 Andy Barnard GabbyDay Cyclesport RT 00:25:31
117 Ian Fensom Spalding CC 00:25:38
118 Dave Pitt Charlotteville CC 00:26:01
119 Jake Clare Sleaford Wheelers CC 00:26:03
120 Murray Kirton A5 Rangers CC 00:27:24

1 Julia Shaw 00:22:27
2 Claire Galloway For Viored RT 00:23:59
3 Rebecca Slack London Dynamo 00:24:01
4 Jane Kilmartin PM Racing 00:24:03
5 Sian Tovey 00:24:14
6 Bronwen Ewing PM Racing 00:24:28
7 Tamina Oliver Abergavenny RC 00:24:30
8 Hayley Simmonds Cambridge University CC 00:24:31
9 Suzetta Guerini London Dynamo 00:24:36
10 Jenny Lloyd-Jones London Dynamo 00:24:37
11 Rachael Elliott Newbury RC 00:24:47
12 Lara Taylor Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 00:24:49
13 Helen Boatman Team Milton Keynes 00:24:58
14 Nicola Juniper Eagle RC 00:24:58
15 Louise Mason Medway Velo 00:25:06
16 Lynn Hamel Team Herbalife Lakes Leisure Bikes 00:25:23
17 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands! 00:25:24
18 Caroline Harding VC St Raphael 00:25:38
19 Emma Craddock South Downs Bikes 00:25:38
20 Suzy Robinson VC 10 00:25:49
21 Anna Turvey Tyneside Vagabonds CC 00:25:52
22 Elizabeth Clayton Lichfield City CC 00:26:06
23 Rebecca Timothy Revo Racing 00:26:13
24 Natalie Bent PM Racing 00:26:27
25 Clare Simon iCycle CC 00:26:31
26 Helen Eborall Velo Club Rutland 00:26:41
27 Sarah Short iCycle CC 00:26:43
28 Marina Bloom Born to Bike – Bridgetown Cycles 00:26:49
29 Dawn Smith Worcester St Johns CC 00:26:57
30 Louise Day GabbyDay Cyclesport RT 00:26:58
31 Chantelle Rothe 45 RC 00:27:09
32 Lowenna Smith Cadence RT 00:27:51
33 Jennifer Lake iCycle CC 00:28:03
34 Anne Staley Mercia CC 00:28:03
35 Deborah Sheridan Warwickshire RC 00:28:04
36 Joanna Spragg Aylesbury CC 00:28:24
37 Deborah Hope Medway Velo 00:28:31
38 Julia Ertner Cambridge CC 00:28:56
39 Sally Smith Medway Velo 00:29:00
40 Gill Henshaw VC Long Eaton 00:30:48

1 Ryan Mullen Planet X 00:21:25
2 Scott Davies M & D Kinetica RT 00:21:55
3 Kristian Woolf Prestige VC 00:22:14
4 Tom Ward Team Echelon Rotor 00:22:15
5 Daniel Young Glendene CC 00:22:24
6 Joshua Green Glendene CC 00:22:54
7 Luke Hattersley St Ives CC 00:23:00
8 Ben Hetherington Ferryhill Wheelers Mountain High RT 00:23:01
9 Tristan Robbins Cardiff Jif 00:23:04
10 Tom Bracegirdle Team Elite 00:23:07
11 James Wood Catford CC 00:23:17
12 James Jevons Stourbridge Velo 00:23:18
13 Sam Jackson Farnham RC 00:23:24
14 Peter Hitt Mountain Trax RT 00:23:33
15 Ricky Parsons One & All Cycling 00:23:36
16 Charlie Lowndes MG Decor 00:23:43
17 Luke Markham Rugby Velo 00:23:52
18 Jake Thomas Oxford City RC 00:23:55
19 Joel Lewis Kettering CC 00:24:03
20 James Trott Bike Chain Ricci 00:24:05
21 Elinor Barker Scott Contessa Epic RT 00:24:24
22 Jake Coward Chippenham & District Wheelers CC 00:24:41
23 Abby-Mae Parkinson RST-Trigon RT 00:25:04
24 Alan Trolove West Suffolk Wheelers CC 00:25:23
25 Alice Barnes Twenty3C-Orbea 00:25:27
26 Philip Oakes City RC (Hull) 00:25:45
27 Declan Davis CC Breckland 00:25:58
28 Harry Bellars Spalding CC 00:26:07
29 Georg Mew Jensen Lee Valley Youth CC 00:26:13
30 Keira McVitty 00:26:41
31 Jonathan Strauss Glendene CC 00:26:46
32 Jennifer McAndrew Spalding CC 00:26:54
33 Joseph Jenner Hastings and St Leonards CC 00:27:50
34 Francesca Morgans-Slader Lee Valley Youth CC 00:28:25
35 Callum Mackie Lee Valley Youth CC 00:29:15
36 Olivia Tomlinson City RC (Hull) 00:30:30
37 Isla Rush North Norfolk Wheelers CC 00:30:38
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