Preview: Fusion Cycling Club (Dronfield) 10m TT

Star studded field in this year’s Fusion Cycling Club (Dronfield) 10m TT taking place on Saturday 2nd June at 2pm in Doncaster. 

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This year’s Fusion Cycling Club (Dronfield) 10m TT takes place on Saturday 2nd June at 2pm in Doncaster. With the club praying for the fantastic weather to continue, they have an increased entry of 79 riders from last year’s inaugural event.

The field includes National Hill Climb champion Gunnar Gronlund (RST-Trigon bikes) off at 3.15pm, fresh from his very impressive win in the CDNW Road Race in “hilly” Buxton. “Gun” has already won on the 010/1 course in March with 20.58 in breezy conditions. With the event record from 2011 set by Julian Ramsbottom at 20m 52s, we could see this being broken.

Other entries include last year’s runner up Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC) off at 3.10pm who will surely be looking to go one better. Danny Lowthorpe (Langsett Cycles RT) is off at 2.51pm and has also had success on this course in May with a winning time of 21m 08s.

We also welcome entries from Dani King (Matrix Fitness – Prendas) off at 2.11pm and Laura Trott (Team Ibis) off at 2.21pm. Dani and Laura are part of a team pursuit trio who were crowned the European and world champions, which included breaking the world record twice in one day. Laura is also the current world champion in the omnium event. Both these ladies will be hoping to repeat their success in the fast approaching Olympic Games. I`m sure we all wish them every success in the velodrome in the colours of Great Britain.

Event headquarters are at Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre (DN7 6EQ) which is a change to the usual HQ for this course. Please note more time will be needed to ride to the start line. Drinks and a selection of homemade cakes will be available as the times start to come onto the results board.

The event is part of the increasingly popular JE James TT series, which sees 11 events within the North Midlands and Derbyshire regions. With the absence of the two leading riders in the competition, third place Michael Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) and fourth place Stewart Smith (Stocksbridge CC) will surely be looking to take full advantage. The next event being organised by Stewart for the Stocksbridge CC 3 up TTT on 9th June.

1 Barrie Crowther VTTA North Midlands V 2.01
2 Andy Lakeland Racing TNT V 2.02
3 Brian Rose Brough Wheelers V 2.03
4 Andrew Cutts Birdwell Wheelers Jun 2.04
5 Wayne Randall Barnsley Road Club V 2.05
6 Alan Stewart Team Swift V 2.06
7 John Maughan Doncaster Wheelers V 2.07
8 Richard Baker ABC Centrevile V 2.08
9 David Cutts Birdwell Wheelers V 2.09
10 Patrick Gould Matlock CC S 2.10
11 Danielle King Matrix Fitness – Prendas W 2.11
12 George Miles Barnsley Road Club V 2.12
13 Martin Smyllie Sheffield Tri Club V 2.13
14 Kathleen Branklin Birdwell Wheelers W 2.14
15 Ady Dench Sheffield Tri Club V 2.15
16 Nicholas Latimer Rutland CC S 2.16
17 John Slater Doncaster Wheelers V 2.17
18 Shaun Patterson Rossington Wheelers V 2.18
19 Derek Sanderson Gainsboro Aegir V 2.19
20 Adam Hardy Wolds RT V 2.20
21 Laura Trott Team Ibis W 2.21
22 Benjamin Harvey Stocksbridge CC S 2.22
23 Geoff Hague Rutland CC V 2.23
24 Stephen Patterson Rossington Wheelers Juv 2.24
25 Richard Dean Barnsley Road Club S 2.25
26 Anthony Keyworth Kiveton Park CC V 2.26
27 Robin Maclagan VTTA North Midlands V 2.27
28 Steve Wood Stocksbridge CC S 2.28
29 Paul Homan Club Barrow Central Wheelers V 2.29
30 Trevor Mayne Birdwell Wheelers V 2.30
31 Michael Lamb Kiveton Park CC V 2.31
32 Geoff Bryan Featherstone RC V 2.32
33 Gordon Wordsworth Whirlow Wheelers V 2.33
34 Jane Sheilds Fusion CC Dronfield W 2.34
35 Sturt Wells Scunthorpe Poly CC V 2.35
36 Steve Coleman Doncaster Wheelers V 2.36
37 John Mould Lindsey Road Club V 2.37
38 Paul Elwell Rossington Wheelers V 2.38
39 Andy Rowland Fusion CC Dronfield V 2.39
40 Rob Townsend Langsett Cycles RT V 2.40
41 Dan Taylor Birdwell Wheelers S 2.41
42 David Fitzpatrick Drighlington BC V 2.42
43 Brian Waslidge Conisbrough Ivanhoe V 2.43
44 Les Morton Fusion CC Dronfield V 2.44
45 John Gadie Scunthorpe Poly CC V 2.45
46 Peter Stirk South Elmsall SCC V 2.46
47 Alan Kaye City Road Club Hull V 2.47
48 Bill Censi Lindsey Road Club V 2.48
49 Adrian West Rockingham Wheelers V 2.49
50 Stewart Smith Stocksbridge CC V 2.50
51 Danny Lowthorpe Langsett Cycles RT S 2.51
52 Gareth Ferguson Matlock CC S 2.52
53 John Fitch Rockingham Wheelers V 2.53
54 Rachael Eyre Kiveton Park CC W 2.54
55 Grigor Wallace Team Midlands Racing S 2.55
56 Alex Deck RST-Trigon W 2.56
57 Mike Tyas Maldon & District CC S 2.57
58 Barry Ferguson Rutland CC V 2.58
59 Rob Ingle Sheffield Tri Club V 2.59
60 Steve Gore Brown Team Swift V 3.00
61 Paul Mapletoft Kiveton Park CC V 3.01
62 Chris Sharpe Matlock CC S 3.02
63 David Vingoe Barnsley Road Club V 3.03
64 Andrew Cleveland Lindsey Road Club V 3.04
65 Steven Hollowood Kiveton Park CC V 3.05
66 Matthew Wilde Huddersfield Star Wheelers S 3.06
67 Dale Coan Doncaster Wheelers V 3.07
68 Dave Tyas Maldon & District CC V 3.08
69 Paul Wass Team Balance Performance V 3.09
70 Anthony Nash Scunthorpe Poly CC V 3.10
71 Derek Crawshaw Barnsley Road Club V 3.11
72 Rob Wadsworth Barnsley Road Club V 3.12
73 John Scully Rossington Wheelers V 3.13
74 David Patchitt Lindsey Road Club V 3.14
75 Gunnar Gronlund RST-Trigon S 3.15
76 Daryl May Sheffrec CC S 3.16
77 Nick Frewin Bournemouth Jubilee Whlrs V 3.17
78 Colin Taylor Planet X V 3.18
79 Robert Rowler Rutland CC V 3.19
80 Tom Taylor Sugarcane Creative V 3.20


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