Report & Results: LVRC Southend Wheelers Criteriums

The Southend Wheelers ‘Over the Hill’ Criteriums Plus held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 27 May 

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The Southend Wheelers ‘Over the Hill’ Criteriums Plus held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 27 May introduced for the first time at Hog Hill LVRC races that used both the lower (flat) circuit and the full circuit (hilly) in the same race.

From Fred Little, Organiser

Thirty six riders started the one hour plus five lap race for categories ABC & D (40-59yrs) The majority of the race was on the lower circuit but three full circuits were included with the finish at the top of the hill.

The bunch stayed together until the first full circuit but the steep climb with a prime at the top, which was taken by Stefan Van Pouke (Braintree), took its toll with the bunch splitting into three smaller groups. Soon after this Antony Wallis (Private) went off the front of the bunch and was joined by David Farrow (Eagle) and together they developed a 15 seconds lead.

The bulk of field regrouped but was unable to catch the leaders who went on to increase their lead to 30 seconds. On the second full circuit David Farrow took the prime and the pair then stayed together for the final full circuit prior to the finish on the hill. At the finish Antony Wallis outsprinted David Farrow to take the honours. The main bunch crossed the line twenty seconds later with Richard Norris (Colchester) winning the sprint for third place.

Overall Result Categories ABC&D
1st Antony Wallis LVRC Private Member A
2nd David Farrow Eagle R.C. A
3rd Richard Norris Colchester Rovers C.C. A
4th Paul Bird Team Virgin Active B
5th Malcolm Jeffries Colour Tech R.T. A
6th Andy Ballentyne Easterley R.C. B
7th Julian Cunnington Condor Cycles C
8th Malcolm Whitehead Kingsnorth International D
9th Trevor Whittock Lea Valley C.C. C
10th Mark Allen Finchley R.T. A
11th Matt Gallagher Crest C.C. A
12th Chris Baldwin Eagle R.C. C
13th Tim Pettit Essex Roads C.C. B
14th Stephen Campbell Twickenham C.C. A
15th Peter Arden Victoria C.C. B
16th Steve Smith Redbridge C.C. D
17th Andrew Barnes Hillingdon C.C. C
18th Colin Jinks Team Quest B
19th Stefan Van Pouke Braintree C.R.C. A
20th Carlito Rendora Eagle R.C. C
21st Savash Anibal LVRC Private Member B
22nd Daren Squirrey G.S. Avanti A
23rd Spencer Nash Bishops Stortford C.C. B
24th Dave Dickie Finchley R.T. D
25th Graeme Murry Essex Roads C.C. A
26th J.Paul Bird Glendene C.C. D
27th Steve Enright V.C.Revolution C
28th Bill Fitzgerald G.S.Avanti A
Primes: Stefan Van Pouke, David Farrow

Category ‘A’ (40-44yrs)
1st Antony Wallis
2nd David Farrow
3rd Richard Norris
Category ‘B’ 45-49yrs)
1st Paul Bird
2nd Andy Ballentyne
3rd Tim Pettit
Category ‘C’ (50-54yrs)
1st Julian Cunnington
2nd Trevor Whittock
3rd Chris Baldwin

Category ‘D’ 55-59yrs)
1st Malcolm Whitehead
2nd Steve Smith
3rd Dave Dickie

Eighteen riders started the race for categories EFGH (60yrs+) which was also held over one hour on the lower circuit plus three laps and with one lap of the full circuit midway through the race with the finish at the top of the hill. The bunch stayed together for most of the race and was only split up for a short while when the full circuit lap with a prime at the top was introduced. Alan Williams (G.S.Ciucci) took the hill prime and when the race returned to the lower circuit the bunch soon regrouped. In the final climb to the finish it was Alan Williams again who took the honours from Ralph Keeler (Wheels in Wheels) and Phil Cooper (Private) in third place.

Overall Result Categories EFG & H (60yrs+)

1st Alan Williams G.S.Giucci E
2nd Ralph Keeler Wheels in Wheels E
3rd Phil Cooper LVRC Private Member E
4th Dave Williams Kingsnorth International E
5th Richard Fraczek Essex Roads C.C. E
6th Pete Constable Velo Schils/Interbike E
7th Roly Crayford San Fairy Ann R.T. G
8th David Smith G.S.Avanti F
9th Paul O’Kelly Redbridge C.C. F
10th Chris Glithero North Road C.C. E
11th Dave Whybrow Southend Wheelers F
12th Trevor Mills Ford C.C. F
13th Brian Dacey De Laune C.C. G
14th Arnie Russell Ciclos Uno H
15th Terry Barnes Shaftesbury C.C. F
16th Roy Godbeer Southend Wheelers H
17th Chas Wilde Eagle R.C. H

Primes : Alan Williams (2) Ralph Keeler

Category ‘E’ (60-64yrs)
1st Alan Williams
2nd Ralph Keeler
3rd Phil Cooper
Category ‘F’ (65-69yrs)
1st David Smith
2nd Paul O’Kelly
3rd Dave Whybrow

Category ‘G’ (70-74yrs)
1st Roly Crayford
2nd Brian Dacey

Category ‘H’ (75yrs+
1st Arnie Russell
2nd Roy Godbeer
3rd Chas Wilde


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