Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

Despite rain on the day, the track was dry for the start of the first race at Round 5 of the Brooks Cycles Track League (Lyme Valley velodrome), Newcastle, Staffs, on the 31st May.

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In the A Class Endurance League, Ryan Watmough (Shepherds Cycles) retained his lead in winning the 10 lap scratch and the final 10 mile event. He also backed this up with second place in the points race. Ryan needed these points as his dad Paul also scored 9 points on the night, winning the devil and placing second in the 10 lap and 10 mile scratch events.

The other winner in the A class events on the night was Will Thomas (Velocity Race Team) in the points race. In the A Class sprint events, former World Masters Champion Steve Cronshaw (Brooks Cycles) showed that his form is improving this season in winning the sprint final from Barney Swinnerton (Swinnerton Cycles). Joel Partington (Sport City Velo) won the latest round of the 500m handicap league from new league leader Lauren Quenby (Newcastle Road Club 2001). The team sprint event saw the win going to Dave Smith (Stafford RoadClub), Phil Houlton (Brooks Cycles) and Steve Cronshaw.

In the B Class events, Matthew Walls (Velocity Race Team) dominated the events as he won the 8 lap scratch, the devil, course de primes and 10 mile. Also scoring highly on the night was Bernard Swinnerton with second place in the devil, course de primes and 10 mile scratch.

The Youth Races saw a good spread of points across the 10 riders who competed with Bradley Hill (Lyme RC) winning the opening 1,000m block handicap before league leader Sally Birchall (Lyme RC) won the devil. Liam Zwetschnikow (Lyme RC) put in a great last lap to win the 6 lap scratch.

In the Freewheelers races, the numbers were slightly down, most likely due to the bad weather forecast. However, the 17 riders who took part produced some great racing. The top points scorers in each group were as follows:

Group 1 – Harvey Myatt (Newcastle Tri Club) – 7 points
Group 2 – Holly Mulroy (Congleton CC) – 10 points
Group 3 – Gracie Walker (Lyme RC) – 9 points
Group 1
Race 1
1st James Brayford Lyme RC
2nd Alex Coates Lyme RC
3rd Harvey Myatt Newcastle Tri Club

Race 2
1st Brandon McMillan Lyme RC
2nd Ambrose Morris Lyme RC
3rd Sam Hall Lyme RC

Race 3
1st Harvey Myatt
2nd Bradley Hill Lyme RC
3rd Alex Coates

Race 4
1st Sam Hall
2nd Harvey Myatt
3rd James Brayford

Group 2

Race 1
1st Holly Mulroy Congleton CC
2nd Harry Brayford Lyme RC
3rd Thomas Hughes

Race 2
1st Holly Mulroy
2nd Thomas Hughes
3rd Harry Brayford

Race 3
1st Harry Brayford
2nd Holly Mulroy
3rd Edward Mulroy Congleton CC
Race 4
1st Thomas Hughes
2nd Harry Brayford
3rd Holly Mulroy

Group 3

Race 1
1st Evie Davis Lyme RC
2nd Gracie Walker Lyme RC
3rd Jessica Hughes

Race 2
1st Jessica Hughes
2nd Olly Davis Lyme RC
3rd Gracie Walker

Race 3
1st Jessica Hughes
2nd Gracie Walker
3rd Olly Davis

Race 4
1st Gracie Walker
2nd Olly Davis
3rd Evie Davis


Youth 200m TT
1st Bradley Hill Lyme RC
2nd Aleshia Mellor Lyme RC
3rd Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC

A Class Endurance 10 lap Scratch
1st Ryan Whatmough Shepherds Cycles
2nd Paul Whatmough Shepherds Cycles
3rd James Notley Planet X


A Class Sprinters 500m Handicap
1st Joel Partington Sportcity Velo
2nd Lauren Quenby Newcastle RC 2001
3rd Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles

B Class 8 lap Scratch
1st Matthew Walls Velocity RT
2nd George Edwards Lyme RC
3rd Bernard Swinnerton Lyme RC

Youth Devil
1st Sallie Birchall Lyme RC
2nd Joe Swinnerton Lyme RC
3rd Liam Zwetschnikow

A Class Endurance Points
1st Will Thomas Velocity RT
2nd Ryan Whatmough
3rd Paul Whatmough

A Class Team Sprint
1st Dave Smith Stafford RC
Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles
Steve Cronshaw

B Class Devil
1st Matthew Walls
2nd Bernard Swinnerton
3rd Paige Millward Lyme RC

Youth Team Sprint
1st Aleshia Mellor Lyme RC
James Duncalf Lyme RC
Liam Zwetschnikow
Joe Swinnerton
James Brayford

A Class Endurance Devil
1st Paul Whatmough
2nd Christian Braybrooke Velocity RT
3rd Will Thomas
B Class Course De Primes
1st Matthew Walls
2nd George Edwards
Bernard Swinnerton
Phil Braybrooke Manchester Wheelers

A Class Sprint Final
1st Steve Cronshaw
2nd Barney Swinnerton
3rd Joel Partington

Youth 6 Lap Scratch
1st Liam Zwetschnikow
2nd Sallie Birchall
3rd Joe Swinnerton

10 Mile Scratch
1st Ryan Whatmough
2nd Paul Whatmough
3rd Jack Payne Sportcity Velo

B Class
1st Matthew Walls
2nd Bernard Swinnerton
3rd Steve Hall Lyme RC





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