Report: Women’s Team Series – Banbury

Scott Contessa on top in Banbury (June 3) – Elinor Barker wins ahead of Natalie Creswick and World Champion Lucy Garner in Banbury Star Road Race.

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Jon Miles writes … In the fourth round of the Shutt Velo Rapide sponsored Women’s Team Race Series, Elinor Barker (Scott Contessa Epic) outsprinted her breakaway companion Natalie Creswick (Mule Bar Girl) to win a tough race superbly organised by Dave Anson and the Banbury Star CC in what has become typical Bank Holiday weather – rain and cold.

The main obstacle on the course was the tough Knowle hill, certainly the toughest climb faced so far this season by Team Series riders; with the continuous rain making conditions even harder, the race broke up early with three main groups on the road and although two of the groups merged, it split again on the climb of the Knowle on the fringes of the infamous Edge Hill (English Civil War).

One of the topics of conversation at race headquarters was how would the juniors fare on a course that was anything but flat but taking their race fitness from the 2 Days of Bedford and carrying this onto an excellent course that is just made for racing, proved that the top level of our women’s sport continues to grow.

A big WELL DONE to the Banbury Star CC for organising a superb race on what was their first team Series event; extra sponsorship came from Bikefood.

1. Elinor Barker Scott Contessa Epic
2. Natalie Creswick Team Mule Bar Girls
3. Lucy Garner Node 4 Giordana
4. Amy Roberts Scott Contessa Epic
5. Molly Weaver Scott Contessa Epic
6. Tamina Oliver Abergavenny CC
7. Lara Massey Vivelo Bikes-Inverse Cyclaim
8. Jo Tindley VC St Raphael
9. Emily Bagnall Surrey League
10. Claire Galloway Escentual For Viored
11. Rebecca Heath VC St Raphael
12. Karla Boddy High Wycombe CC
13. Beth Crumpton
14. Corrine Hall Node 4 Girodana
15. Kim Ashton Abergavenny CC
16. Siobhan McNamara Vivelo Bikes-Inverse Cyclaim
17. Nicola Juniper Corvida Allpress
18. Anna Christian Scott Contessa Epic
19. Zoe Armstrong Scott Contessa Epic
20. Gabby Shaw Escentual For Viored
21. Rebecca Hunt Impsport Team
22. Hannah Evans High Wycombe CC
23. Sarah Brook Team Mule Bar Girl
24. Sarah Austin Abegavenny CC
25. Kate Hewett Surrey League
26. Iona Sewell GB Cycles
27. Adel Tyson-Bloor VC St Raphael
28. Charlotte Walton Team Hope Factory
29. Emma Craddock Surrey League
30. Harriet Owen Node 4 Giordana
31. Weizbke Rietz Surrey League
32. Amy Hill Abergavenny CC
33. Emily Kay Scott Contessa Epic
34. Louise Mahe Team Mule Bar Girls
35. Nicola Soden Champion Systems/Maxgear
36. Hanna Manley Escentual For Viored
37. Rohan Battison Escentual For Viored
38. Nicole Oh Pearson CC
39. Catherine Hills Surrey League
40. Sian Findlay Team Zappi
41. Isabel Unwin Team Zappi
42. Frances White Champion Systems-Maxgear
43. Hannah Shenton Node 4 Giordana
44. Stephanie May Twickenham CC
45. Jessica Hill Cardiff Ajax
46. Helen Peach Team Zappi
47. Nikola Butler Vivelo Bikes/Inverse Cyclaim
48. Ellie Gilham VC St Raphael
49. Tracy Dresch Squadra Donne-Shutt VR
50. Xieyue Fan Look Mum No Hands
51. Kate Fisher Pearson CC
52. Nikki Engelbach Pearson CC
53. Solvieg Findley Twickenham CC
54. Eleanor Jones VC St Raphael
55. Emma Towers Twickenham CC
56. Lauren Brown Champion Systems/Maxgear
57. Saskia Hook Squadra Donne-Shutt VR

1. Scott Contessa Epic 377 points
2. Node 4 Giordana 193 points
3. Team Mule Bar Girls 179 points
4. Abergavenny CC 173 points
5. VC St Raphael 148 points
6. Vivelo Bikes-Inverse Cyclaim 117 points
7. Surrey League 134 points
8. Escentual For Viored 121 points
9. High Wycombe CC 80 points
10. Corvida Allpress 39 points
11. Team Zappi 32 points
12. Champion Systems-Maxgear 30 points
13. GB Cycles 27 points
14. Team Hope Factory 25 points
15. Pearson Cycles 17 points
16. Twickenham CC 11 points
17. Squadra Donne 5 points
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