Result: Milton Keynes Cycling Association LVRC Circuit Races

With the long awaited good weather, a record number of rides signed on at the Milton Keynes Bowl estimated at 80 plus on May 29.

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The racing in all categories was both fast and furious resulting in a number of crashes, the most notable being when top local rider Jim Moffatt was the unfortunate victim of some dubious bike handling getting deposited on the tarmac in his first comeback ride after 9 months.

With such large numbers and inevitable lapping of riders the judges had a nightmare task of placing riders, however due to the excellent organisation by Gordon Batcock and Dick Selley (who stepped in at the last moment to pull off an excellent promotion in the circumstances) results agreed by all were satisfactorily concluded.

With such large numbers it seems that future events would be best handled on the largest possible circuit with corners that can be designed on the night and that riders co-operate with the rule that lapped groups should not join in with the lapping group. Because this rule was not adopted on the night a large bunch of 50 plus riders resulted with the inevitable crashes and a nightmare scenario for the judges placing riders in their categories..
Martin Hackley

Race 1 (A cat)
1 Jason Gurney
2 Tim Davis
3 Neil Wass

Race 1 (B cat)
1 Paul Bird
2 Campbell Noon
3 John Fettis

Race 2 (C Cat)
1 Steve Proud
2 Paul Steward
3 Carl Stukenbrock

Race 2 (D Cat)
1 Pete Trotman
2 Ian Cooper
3 Roland Summerlain

Race 3 (E Cat)
1 Martin Hackley
2 Ralph Keeler
3 J Duckett

Race 3 (F Cat)
1 Lance Ravenhill
2 Peter Jones
3 Ian Hunt

Race 3 (G Cat)
1 Bob Richards
2 Murray Kirton
3 Derek Moyle



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