Results: Peterborough CC Road Races

Marcin Bialoblocki and Tim Davies winners in the Peterborough CC/Baxter & King Construction Road Races on Monday

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1 Marcin Bialoblocki Node4 ProCycling 03:00:45
2 David Clarke Node4 ProCycling at 59
3 Mark Baines Spirit Racing Team 02:29
4 Daniel Smith Velo29-OTR-Vankru 02:33
5 Jack Waller Teamwallis CHH RT 02:46
6 Ian Knight Team Corley Cycles/Blue 02:50
7 David Nichols Loughborough Students CC 02:57
8 Matt Higgins Node4 ProCycling st
9 Ben Greenwood st
10 Martin Ford Quickvit Trainsharp st
11 Andrew Hastings Metaltek-Scott st
12 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles/Blue st
13 Tom Stewart RST Racing Team st
14 Mike Wragg Team Milton Keynes st
15 Ashley Cox Spirit Racing Team st
16 Gunnar Gronland RST Racing Team 03:46
17 Paul Londors Spin-Rotor RT 03:48
18 Jeroen Janssen Tem Raleigh – GAC 03:50
19 Dan Storey RST Racing Team st
20 Alastair Hepworth Batley CC st
21 Michael Auger Strada-Sport st
22 Julian Judge VC Lincoln st
23 Luke Hattersly St Ives CC st
24 Roger Maidment East London Velo st
25 Christopher Dredge Team Corley Cycles/Blue st
26 Josh Mainard Welwyn Wheelers st
27 Mike Jackson CC Luton st
28 Gavin Moore Pro Cycle Hire UK RT st
29 Russell Falder Cycle Premier Kovert st
30 Simon Henley Team Corley Cycles/Blue st
31 Matthew Jennings Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT st
32 Jamie Scott Spin-Rotor RT 03:55
33 Kristian Woolf Prestige Velo Club st
34 Douglas Coleman CC Luton 03:57
35 Oliver Davies Planet X 04:00


In the Baxter & King Road Race at Sawtry, organised by Peterborough CC over a 60 mile course, a 2up sprint was taken by Tim Davies, Icknield RC from David Jakeman, Wisbech Wheelers. For 3rd & 4th Category rider, 6 x 10 mile laps with a couple of hills. A 4 up break went early and with windy conditions although it was easy to get a gap on the bunch it was tough to stay away.

On lap 4 the break started to weaken and were joined by Sam Gilzean, Welwyn Wheelers. At the start of the final lap Davies & Jakemen caught the remnants of the break who were fading on the hill and built up a 30 second lead on the bunch. They had time enough time to allow to back off in the final kilo and prepare for the sprint. Davies opened up a couple of bike lengths to take the win.


1 Tim Davies Icknield RC / Compomotive Wheel 02:25:43
2 David Jakeman Wisbech Whls CC st
3 Lee Sturman West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathl 24
4 Stuart Lindsey St Ives CC 25
5 Stephen Colbert Renault Rotor Colbert Race Team st
6 Richard Stanton Arbis LLP – Roy Pink Cycles st
7 Graeme Davidson Kenilworth Wheelers CC st
8 Joe Clarke Fenland Clarion CC st
9 Adam Fisher Private Member st
10 Richard Bloomfield Welwyn Whls CC st
11 Matthew Garfield Fenland Clarion CC st
12 William McFarland East London VÈlo st
13 David Furniss Doncaster Whls CC st
14 Dermot Kealey Finchley Racing Team st
15 James Hedley-Smith Sleaford Whls CC/Chandlers Mits st
16 Nigel Hobday Cambridge CC st
17 Samuel Gilzean Welwyn Whls CC st
18 Charlie Porter Boston Whls CC st
19 Jason Stuart Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) st
20 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC st
21 Mark Warren Fenland Clarion CC st
22 Owen Rogers St Ives CC st
23 Michael Rostoff Chelmer CC st
24 Carmelo Luggeri CC Ashwell st
25 James Browne VC Norwich st
26 Julian Lowes Alford Whls st
27 Scott McCann Arbis LLP – Roy Pink Cycles st
28 Anthony Purnell Cambridge CC st
29 Richard Cleathero Yorkshire Velo st
30 Nathan Thompson Cambridge CC st
31 Peter Kirwan Cambridge CC st
32 Bartlomiej Kieres Bourne Whls CC st
33 Tom Crouch High Wycombe CC st
34 Paul Dring Team Echelon 31
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