Result: Stocksbridge CC Three Up 25 TTT

Rob Townsend/Danny Lowthorpe/Richard Teare win the Stocksbridge CC Three Up 25 TTT on June 9

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

AWARDS – Vouchers kindly donated by Sage Cycles.

Fastest team
1st – £40 each – Rob Townsend/Danny Lowthorpe/Richard Teare. Langsett Cycles. 53.32
2nd – £30 each – Andy Whitehead/Ben Harvey/Stewart Smith. Stocksbridge CC/Irwin Mitchell Solicitors/Claremont Hospital/Sage Cycles. 56.05
3rd – £20 each – Steve Kneeshaw/Paul Hickman/Matthew Enticknap. Malton Wheelers. 56.41
4th – £15 each – Bradley Boulton/Andy Turner/Ady Dench. Sheffield Triathlon Club. 56.47
5th – £10 each – Neil Parkin/Daniel Barnett/Alec Dovinson. N.N.O.R.C. 57.32
6th – £10 voucher each – Ted Tunnicliffe/Daryl May/Marc Etches. Sheffrec CC. 58.35

Teams with a Lady.
1st – £15 each – Michael Harbourne/Mick Hazlewood/Samantha Boswell. Warwickshire RC/Saracen RC. 1.6.14
2nd – £10 voucher each. Mark Eyre/Rachael Eyre/Carl Sawyer. Kiveton Park CC. 1.7.33

Teams with a Junior.
1st – £15 each. Stephen Paterson/Shaun Paterson/Charles Harvey. Rossington Wheelers. 1.14.26
Fastest Composite team.
1st – £15 voucher each. Michael Baillie/Daniel Moore/Chris Bott. Kiveton Park CC/Sheffield Tri Club. 1.03.19

Other Stocksbridge CC open events in 2012.
Sunday 19th August- Road Race for 2,3,4 cat riders in the Penistone area.
Sunday 30th September – Hill Climb. Pea Royd Lane. (Shortened version of the 2009 National Championship course)

This event was promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations.

1 Rob Townsend Langsett Cycles 53.32 1st team
Danny Lowthorpe
Richard Teare

2 Andy Whitehead Stocksbridge CC/Irwin Mitchell 56.05 2nd team
Ben Harvey Solicitors/Claremont Hospital/Sage Cycles
Stewart Smith

3 Steve Kneeshaw Malton Wheelers RC 56.41 3rd team
Paul Hickman
Matthew Enticknap

4 Bradley Boulton Sheffield Triathlon Club 56.47 4th team
Andy Turner
Ady Dench

5 Neal Parkin North Notts Olympic RC 57.32 5th team
Daniel Barnett
Alec Dovinson

6 Ted Tunnicliffe Sheffrec CC 58.35 6th team
Daryl May
Marc Etches

7 Sandy Smith La Squadra 59.37
Nick Cotton
Matthew Rodgers

8 Mark Booth Kiveton Park CC 1.00.01
Paul Mapetoft
Michael Lamb

9 Michael Brammall Sugarcane Creative 1.01.34
Thomas Taylor
Michael Abonyi

10 Michael Baillie Kiveton Park CC 1.03.19 1st composite
Daniel Moore Kiveton Park CC
Chris Bott Sheffield Triathlon Club

11 Martyn Bramhall Bolsover and District CC 1.03.27
Bill Seddon Bolsover and District CC
John Hind Sheffield Phoenix CC

12 Lee Hyson Bolsover and District CC 1.05.05
Hugo Reynolds
Damien Shakespeare

13 Gary Irvine Rossington Wheelers 1.05.38
Ady West
Paul Jones

14 Michael Harbourne Warwickshire Road Club 1.06.14 1st team with a lady
Mick Hazlewood Warwickshire Road Club
Samantha Boswell Saracen RC

15 Paul Monson Stocksbridge CC/Irwin Mitchell 1.06.20
Lee Ibbitson Solicitors/Claremont Hospital/Sage Cycles
Jonathan Wood

16 Mark Eyre Kiveton Park CC 1.07.33 2nd team with a lady
Rachael Eyre
Carl Sawyer

17 Benjamin Davies Bolsover and District CC 1.07.42
Lee Wagstaff
Andy Wagstaff

18 Daniel Booth Bolsover and District CC 1.08.03
Paul Chapman
Xavier Scott

19 Paul Elwell Rossington Wheelers 1.08.48
Paul Wormald
Colin Taylor

20 Jonathan Wardle Bolsover and District CC 1.11.29
Conor McGuigan
Matthew Rodgers

21 Stephen Paterson Rossington Wheelers 1.14.26 1st team with a junior
Shaun Paterson
Charles Harvey

Other …

Dane Walker Team Ioptix-010 Group 1.02.08 Only 2 starters
Alan Sheldon

Richard Bramhall Fusion CC (Dronfield) 1.06.11 Only 2 finishers
Matthew Williams
Les Morton



RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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