Results: Redbridge Cycle Centre Circuit Races

Second week of races held at Redbridge Cycling Centre saw some fantastic racing especially in the 2/3/4 race with a great win by Tom Fitzpatrick of Strada Sport with second placed Nick Wilkinson voted most aggressive rider by the judges box. 

Final races next week on the 16th of June.

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1. Tom Fitzpatrick, Strada
2. Nick Wilkinson, Dulwich
3. James Waller, HWCCRT
4. Adam Brittain, HWCCRT
5. Jack Fisch, PM Racing
6. James Jobber, Colchester Rovers
7. Joe Holloway, VC10
8. Colin Ward, Essex RC
9. Andrew Nichols, Ciclos Uno
10. Patrick Hawkins, Dulwich Paragon
11. Jack Steven, ELV
12. Keir Apperley, CC Hackney
13. Simon Collin, Dulwich Paragon
14. David Farrow, Eagle RC
15. Ralpha De Ranter, Norwood Paragon
16. Gonzalo Rodriguez, ELV
17. Andy Waterman, Vicious Velo
18. Pat Hayes, Victoria CC
19. Paul Drake, Cycleworks
20. Mark McCullagh, Dulwich paragon
21. Kevin Holloway, VC10
22. Nigel Hobday, Cambridge CC
23. Phil Holloway, Southend Wheelers
24. Jason Jeffers, ELV


Category 4
1. Tom Stramer, Interbike
2. Jack Allamand, ELV
3. Matt Southerden, Finsbury Park CC
4. Rob Davies, London Dynamo
5. Richard Bloomfield, Welwyn Wheelers
6. Jaroslan Korylinsky, Ipswich BC
7. Jack Saunders, Buxton CC
8. Chris Bulley, Shaftesbury
9. Steve Tribe,
10. Ossie Assen, Finchley

First Woman: Francesca Morgan-Slader


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