Result: Westmead Team 88 Club 10

Result from the Westmead Team 88 Club 10 mile TT on the J2/1 course in North Cheshire won by Jack Green.

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After a day of showery conditions, the weather was dry and calm, unusually settled after a few weeks of variable conditions. Riders still had to wrap up with it being only 10C. 33 faced the timekeeper, fastest time was Jack Green from VC St Raphael with 21m43s, last race in the UK as he is off to Belgium on the CTT scholarship tomorrow for 8 weeks. Chris Siepen from Wills Wheels CC was the only other 21 minute ride.

Jack Green VC St Raphael 21.43
Chris Siepen Will’s Wheels 21.58
Nige Wood Will’s Wheels 22.13
Tom Thornley Buxton Cycling Club 22.19
Tom Bracegirdle Team Elite 22.19
Mostyn Bullock Buxton Cycling Club 22.36
Phil Robinson Janus RC 22.56
Andy Mitchell Janus RC 23.02
Craig Nicholson WT88 23.12
Paul Green WT88 23.13
Jon Lloyd WT88 23.16
Phil Bracegirdle Warrington Road Club 23.24
James Chamberlain CSI 23.37
Scott Newbury Withington Wheelers 24.04
Luke Boulton Base2Race 24.20
Mark Hanna Man Tri 24.36
Peter Rogers Man Tri 24.58
Adam Hartley Velocity RC 24.59
Sam Mansfield Buxton Cycling Club 25.06
Chris Storey WT88 25.13
Howard Mead Man Tri 25.21
Craig Mills WT88 25.21
Jon Beever WT88 25.28
Anna Thomas Man Tri 26.03
Stephen Taylor Man Tri 26.05
Mike Fields WT88 26.08
Dave Colley Will’s Wheels 26.26
Gwilym Morris Man Whs 26.41
Sonia Harms Man Tri 26.59
Chris Walsh WT88 27.10
Peter Brocklehurst Janus RC 28.00
Mike O’Donnell WT88 28.33
Jude Wall Man Tri 30.05


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