Report: Welwyn Track League

15th June: Strong winds and the threat of rain reduced the numbers especially in the senior categories at the latest round of the weather hit Welwyn Track League

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Peter Waghorn writes – The tough conditions and a head wind in the finishing straight saw a number of riders drop out once they lost contact with the field. Mike Broadwith seemed to revel in the conditions and was a repeated attacker in the Senior A group culminating in a lone break in the final 5 mile scratch race after 3 laps followed by a time trial to the finish

The youth riders had some good battles – Cameron Gutteridge and Mitchell Powell dominated the Youth B sector while the Welwyn Wheelers Alexi Edwards, Tom Durkin and Millie Gage each scored victories in the CDE group

Very difficult track racing conditions for everyone – we live in hope of better weather

Senior A
10 lap scratch – Lewis Atkins (Orbea)Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Joseph Fry (Welwyn Whs)
10 lap AB Block Handicap Tom Neale (Spalding)John McClelland (Prestige) Lewis Atkins (Orbea)
10 lap points Lewis Atkins (Orbea) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Joseph Fry (Welwyn Whs)
5 mile – Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) John McClelland (Prestige) Lewis Atkins (Orbea)

Senior B
10 lap scr – Roger Woodford (Willesden) Simon Best (North Road) Ken Roesner (Kings Lynn)
Devil Tom Neale (Spalding) Roger Woodford (Willesden) Ken Roesner (Kings Lynne)

Youth A
7 lap scratch – Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell) Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Dan Maynard (Welwyn)
Devil – Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell) Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Dan Maynard (Welwyn)

Youth BC
5 lap scr – Cameron Gutteridge (Lee Valley) Charles Page (Hillingdon) Mitchell Powell (Chelmer)
Devil –Mitchell Powell (Chelmer) Cameron Gutteridge (Lee valley) Charles Page (Hillingdon)
Points – Mitchell Powell (Chelmer) Cameron Guttridge (Lee Valley) Connor Woodford (Willesden)
ABC 5 lap Handicap – Mitchell Powell (Chelmer) Cameron Guttrridge (Lee Valley) Connor woodford (Willesden)

Youth CDE
3lap scr –Alexi Edwards Tom Durkin Mille Gage (all Welwyn)
3 lap H’cap A Millie Gage Josie Griffin Kathryn Anderson (all Welwyn)
4 lap H’Cap – Tom Durkin, Olivia Howard , Alexi Edwards (all Welwyn)


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