Result: Hove Park Crit Series

Home victory for Mike Coyle in the third round of the Hove Park Crits, Mark Emsley wins the cat 4 circuit race

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George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits – Race 3

Round three in the series again saw the top three riders in the overall standings, Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre), John Lewes (Charlotteville) & Gary Brind (Southdown Bikes) take to the start line for the next Hove Park battle. They started lively enough with Mike Coyle’s early attacks countered by John Lewes plus Paul Flynn taking off out front on his own for a couple of laps. Whether it was the continued cold temperatures as well as the strong block headwind up to the finishing line, the riders appeared to be strangely subdued after the opening skirmishes.

All of course apart from Mike Coyle who took the lull in action as his sign to attack & go away on one of his familiar solo rides. By the races midway point he’d gained half a lap on the pack & by the final stages he’d regained contact with the back of the field thus recording yet another Hove Park victory. Eric Decolier lead the pack home for second with John Lewes doing his overall series placing no harm by coming in third.

Cat 2/3 Race Result:

1. Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre)
2. Eric Decolier (Private Member)
3. Jon Lewis (Charlotteville)
4. Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)
5. Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)
6. Adrian Canfield (Southdown Bikes)
7. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)
8. Stuart Bettis (Team Terminator)
9. Steve Kane (Brighton Excelsior)
10. Rob Pelham (Lewes Wanderers)
11. Sam Cheeseman Team AGL360)
12. Robin Parker (East Grinstead)
13. George Moore (ASL360)
14. William Spiers (Ultimate Fitness)
15. Toby Leyton (Brighton Mitre)
16. Joe Saville (Brighton Mitre)
17. Joe Hyatt (Brighton Mitre)
18. Luke Farren (Brighton Mitre)
19. Gary Brind (Southdown Bikes)
Overall Points Satndings After Race 3:
Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre)……..35pts
Jon Lewis (Charlotteville CC)…….23pts
Gary Brind (Southdown Bikes)…….11pts
Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)…….….9pts
Eric Decolier (Private Memember)…7pts
Jules Birks (VC Londres)……………….6pts
Steve Calland (Southdown Bikes)….3pts
7. Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)….….3pts

Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)…………1pt
Matthew Butt (Team ASL360)…………1pt

The cat 4 race was again a very subdued affair & it wasn’t until the five laps to go board went out that the race saw its first big attack. This came in the shape of ? (Brighton Excelsior) who put some distance between himself & the chasing pack. His brave bid for glory was rewarded as he just held off the chasing bunch for the win, with Jonathon Potts second & Jason Gilbert third.

Cat 4 Race Result:
1. Mark Emsley (Brighton Excelsior)
2. Jonathon Potts (London Dynamo)
3. Jason Gilbert (Brighton Mitre)
4. James Tipler (Southborough)
5. Mark Stuart-William (Brighton Mitre)
6. JP Saville (Private Member)
7. Niall O’Brien (Brighton Excelsior)
8. James Danvers (Brighton Mitre)
9. Martin Green (Bayeux Landscape)
10. Alistair Thompson (Brighton Mitre)
11. Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre)
12. Gary Burgess (Brighton Mitre)
13. Martin Edwards (Brighton Mitre)
14. Sam Judd (VCL)
15. Dan Fagg (Brighton Mitre)
16. Jon Watts (Sussex Nomads)
17. Joel Draper (Brighton Mitre)
18. Martin Trickey (Brighton Mitre)
19. Trevor Roberts (Brighton Mitre)
20. Sara Gent (V02 Development Squad)


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