Report: Welwyn Track League (22nd June)

Peter Waghorn writes … Once again the weather seriously affected the attendance and hopefully, if and when, a warm, wind free evening occurs we will get back to the early season numbers.

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In each of the senior A League events a battle ensued between Mike Broadwith and John McClelland – non sprinter Broadwith put in some ferocious attacks but each time McClelland closed the gap and waited for the next one. Mark Smith also countered the move and those three riders took the honours in the Scratch and Block handicap events

Broadwith rode away on his own to win the Devil and the limited field set off in the 35 lap 10 mile. Pressure from Broadwith decimated the field and by half distance just four riders remained. The usual three plus David Langlands. Once again Broadwith tried his hardest to get away but each move was closed down – Langlands then lost contact and at the finish John McClelland won from Mark Smith with Mike Broadwith taking third spot but getting full marks as the most aggressive rider.

In the youth A series Jordan Mooney was in fine form and matched by Glen Dossett in the Youth B events each rider taking 3 victories.

In the C/D/E group two Kieren races replaced two of the usual 3 lap handicap events and were won by Alexi Edwards, who is the overall series leader. The final 4 lap Handicap was won by limit rider Grace Cadzow for her first win of the season.

Senior A
10 lap scratch – John McClelland (Prestige) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Mark Smith (Welwyn Whs)
10 lap AB Block Handicap – John McClelland (Prestige)Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Mark Smith (Welwyn Whs0
Devil – Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) John McClelland (Prestige) David Langland (Fenland Clarion)
10 mile – John McClelland (Prestige) Mark Smith (Welwyn) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford)

Senior B
10 lap scr – Simon Best (North Road) Ollie Plumley (Welwyn Whs) Ben Smith (Welwyn Whs)
Devil – Roger Woodford (Willesden) Ben Smith (Welwyn Whs) Ollie Plumley (Welwyn Whs)

Youth A
7 lap scratch – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell) Sam Dossett (Welwyn)
500m Sprint – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Jack Plumley (Welwyn) Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell)

Youth BC
5 lap scr – Glen Dossett (Welwyn) Connor Woodford (Willesden) Will Raymond (Welwyn)
500m Sprint – Glen Dossett (Welwyn) Connor Woodford (Willesden) Nick Brown (Welwyn)
Block Handocap ABC – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell) Jack Plumley (Welwyn)
Block Handicap ABC – Glen Dossett (Welwyn) Connor Woodford (Willesden) Michael Parry (Welwyn)

Youth CDE
3lap scr –Alexi Edwards , Tom Durkin, Josie Griffin (all Welwyn)
Kieren A – Alexi Edwards, Tom Durkin , Josie Griffin (all Welwyn)
4 lap Handicap – Grace Cadzow, Kathryn Anderson, Millie Gage (all Welwyn)



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