Results & Photos -LVRC Region 9 Criterium Series

Antony Wallis and Paul Allen winners at round 1 of the LVRC Circuit Racing at the Kent Cyclo-Park on June 19

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Photos Neil Lewis from the event –

Race 1 – 19 June, Kent CycloPark

A,B,C & D Categories 45 mins + 3 Laps
1 Antony Wallis LVRC
2 Nick Dibble 4T + Velo Club
3 Garry Godden Colourtech RT
4 Mark Daly Colourtech RT
5 Chris Taylor Colourtech RT
6 Robin Parker East Grinstead CC
7 Tom Wilson GS Invicta
8 Steve Skuse Twenty3C-Orbea
9 Paul Smitherson Colourtech RT
10 David Farrow Eagle RC
11 Nick Welsh GS Invicta
12 Simon Herrington Adalta CC
13 Matt Gallagher Crest CC/Brixton
14 Andrew Wills Team Toachim
15 Steve Barnsley GS Vecchi
16 Mick Lee LVRC
17 Lee Sayers 4T + Velo Club
18 David Crowe Colourtech RT
19 Dereck Hanlow 4T + Velo Club
20 Phil Bull VC Elan
21 Mick Lane 4T + Velo Club
22 Jamie Collins 4T + Velo Club
23 Chris Edwards 4T + Velo Club

Antony Wallis
Nick Welsh
Gary Godden
Mark Daly
David Farrow
Matt Gallagher
Lee Sayers
Jamie Collins

Chris Taylor
Robin Parker
Steve Skuse
Paul Smitherson
Simon Herrington
Andtrew Wills

Nick Welsh
David Crowe
Phil Bull

Tom Wilson
Steve Barnsley
Mick Lee
Dereck Hanlow
Mick Lane
Chris Edwards

E,F,G & H Categories – 40 mins + 3 Laps
1 Paul Allen Precision Hydration
2 Reg Smith Kingsnorth International Wheelers
3 Ray Palin 4T + Velo Club
4 Terry Devine Ciclos Unos
5 Trevor Trett Activ Cycles
6 David Williams Kingsnorth International Wheelers
7 John Duckworth Kingsnorth International Wheelers
8 Roly Crayford San Fairy Ann CC
9 Tony Richardson San Fairy Ann CC
10 Leigh Aldrich West Kent RC
11 Brian Dacey De Laune CC
12 David Keen Bishops Stortford CC
13 Terry Whalley Ford CC
14 Arnie Russell Ciclos Unos
15 Stan Franklin Medway Velo

Paul Allen
Ray Palin
Trevor Trett
David Williams
Paul Allen
Terry Whalley

Reg Smith
Terry Devine
John Duckworth
Stan Franklin

Roly Crayford
Brian Dacey
David Keen

Arnie Russell


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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