Women’s Road Race Championship 2012

After not being selected for the Olympics, Sharon Laws was on a mission today and is now the 2012 Women’s Road Race Championship


The 2012 Women’s Road Race Championship was a repeat of other years when the riders in European teams dominated the race and after four escaped early on, Emma Pooley, Sharon Laws, Lizzie Armitstead and Nikki Harris. The race behind these four simply split into small pieces as the Olympic Champion Nicole Cooke was left looking distinctly average in a chase group losing time by the lap.

One shining light in the chase though was a certain Sarah Storey who for many was the rider of the race. After missing the break, Sarah proceeded to ride as fast, or faster, that the break up the road and got soooo close to catching them at one point.

Sharon Laws: This is a very special occasion for me, I’m really happy with this win. We didn’t have a plan today. Our aim was to keep the jersey in the team and it didnt matter who that was so we were going to ride individually so long as we could keep the jersey in the team.

When I was with Nikki (Harris, the two of them went clear at one stage),  Emma and Lizzie chased back and then I knew I had to get away solo if I was going to win. I just wanted to prove something today (after her non selection for the Olympics) as I think I am one of the strongest riders and wanted to show that.

Not being selected is really disappointing. I understand they are going with a certain race scenario and I don’t fit with that and I can’t argue with that but I am obviously very disappointed. The last few laps were hard work. Lizzie slipped a bit at one point and I was far back and I thought Emma was going to go so I put it in the big ring and took the opportunity when I could. I could have done with just one lap alone, not two laps.

My year has been really good (aside from non selection for the Olympics). I have changed quite a lot of things this year and its really working. I am really pleased that this is the best season I have had so far and it’s nice to show that I can continue improving.

The course didn’t really have my sort of hills today. They are a bit short and a bit steep and it was a very heavy lap. We showed though that even on the first lap how you can decimate the field.

Women’s Race Result

1. Sharon Laws AA Drinks
2. Lizzie Armitstead, AA Drinks @ 1.36
3. Emma Pooley, AA Drinks, @ 1.41
4. Nikki Harris, Telnet @2.43
5. Sarah Storey, For Viored @3.52
6. Nicole Cooke, Faren @9.02
7. Catherine Williamson, Bizhub
8. Katie Colclough, Luliemon
9. Emma Trott, Dolmans @9.44
10. Natalie Creswick, Mulebar @9.51
11. Sarah Bryne, For Viored
12. Claire Galloway, For Viored
13. Penny Rowson, Matrix Fitness Prendas
14. Annie Simpson, Matrix Fitness Prendas
15. Gemma Niel, Leslie Bikeshop
16. Rebecca Heath, VC St raphael
17. Corrine Hall, Node 4
18. Eileen Row,
19. Laura Massey,
20. Hannah Barnes
21. Lowri Bunn
22. Delia Beddis
23. Nicola Juniper
24. Keyliegh Brogan
25. Karla Boddy




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