Result: Bristol South CC Open 50

Mark Ashurst wins the Bristol South CC Open 50 Time Trial on Sunday 24th June on the U21/50 course

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A counting event for both the National B.A.R. competition and West D.C. Short Distance B.A.R. competition

Thank you to the Road and Audax division of BSCC for turning out en masse to help with marshalling, the push and the catering. Thank you also to Bridget and Ian for timekeeping and signage, a sterling job as ever. Thank you to Helen for the delicious baked goods and the loan of a fully-functioning telephone.

Lastly thank you to all competitors who came to ride an honest course in challenging conditions. The headwind on the way out was tough, even for the Somerset Levels where it can tend to roar in off the Bristol Channel and slap you round the face repeatedly. The rain held off for just long enough, with only a few very brief showers to contend with. Great rides by Mark Ashurst (in his first 50) and Dave Kiddell to manage evens, with Gregory Woolford just over. Somerset RC took the team prize with strength in depth. Mary-Jane Hutchinson of the promoting club took home the prize for first lady. Commiserations to the DNFs, a combination of punctures and crosswinds putting paid to ambitions. There’s always next year!

1st Mark Ashurst 1.58.05 Somerset RC
2nd Dave Kiddell 1.58.56 Cavalier CC
3rd Greg Woodford 2.00.15 Reading CC

1st Vet Steve Potts +17.41 Somerset RC
2nd Vet Gerry McGarr +16:02 Gloucester CCC
3rd Vet Tom Woollard +12:29 Northover Vets

1st Lady Mary-Jane Hutchinson 2.42.43 Bristol South CC

1st Team Somerset RC, 6:09:22
Mark Ashurst 1.58.05
Steve Potts 2.04.07
Stuart Saunders 2.07.10

1 Mark Ashurst Somerset RC 01.58.05
2 David Kiddell Cavalier CC 01.58.56
3 Gregory Woodford Reading CC 02.00.15
4 Mark Corbett Worcester St. Johns CC 02.02.34
5 Andrew Legge Bristol South CC 02.03.37
6 Steve Potts Somerset RC 02.04.07
7 Steuart Saunders Somerset RC 02.07.10
8 Vincent Hounsome Gillingham DWhs 02.07.19
9 Gerry McGarr Gloucester City CC 02.08.09
10 Matt Edwards Strada Cycles RT 02.08.20
11 Daniel Kempe Bristol South CC 02.09.13
12 Mick Daniels Somerset RC 02.09.39
13 Rob Richardson Chippenham DWhs 02.14.14*
14 Tom Woollard Northover Vets 02.15.11
15 Jonathan Hobby North Hampshire RC 02.15.41
16 Jaroslav Zak Oxford University CC 02.16.28
17 Andrew Wellings Somerset RC 02.17.22
18 Paul Winchcombe Chippenham DWhs 02.19.58
19 David Bolton Bristol South CC 02.20.26
20 David Braidley Bristol South CC 02.29.07
21 Mary Jane Hutchinson Bristol South CC 02.42.43
22 Rob Hutchinson Bristol South CC 02.46.11


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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