Results: LVRC London & Southeast Criterium Championships

The LVRC London & Southeast Region Criterium Championships were held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 24 June on the lower circuit.

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From Fred Little, Organiser

In the A/B/C&D Category race, 58 riders started and Antony Wallis (Private) went from the gun with Mark Foulds (Adalta) who joined him to create a 20 second lead over the bunch after only one lap. The pair stayed together for the next three laps but Mark Foulds could not hold the pace of Antony Wallis and he dropped back to be absorbed by the bunch.

Antony Wallis then demonstrated how strong he was by powering on to increase his lead at one time to 40 seconds. There were various attempts to pull him back but they all failed including the most serious attempt after 45 minutes lead by Chris Baldwin (Eagle), Mark Daly (ColourTech) and Mark Foulds which reduced the lead to twenty seconds.

The chase resulted in many riders being unable to stand the pace and they were dropped from the bunch. As there were so many dropped and lapped riders strung out all around the circuit, at this point many were withdrawn from the race for safety reasons. Antony Wallis held on until the finish when he had a lead of 15 seconds over second place Mark Foulds with Andy Pollintine (Dulwich) in third place.

Overall Result Categories ABC&D
1st Antony Wallis LVRC Private Member A
2nd Mark Foulds Adalta C.C. A
3rd Andy Pollintine Dulwich Paragon B
4th Mark Daly Colour Tech R.T. A
5th Damien Foy Eagle R.C. B
6th Greg Needham Neon Digital A
7th Chris Baldwin Eagle R.C. C
8th Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B
9th Phillip Murrell Finsbury Park C.C. A
10th Hugh Vivian Finsbury Park C.C. B
11th Barry Neal Ciclos Uno B
12th Malcolm Jeffries Colour Tech R.T. A
13th Nigel Stevens Finchley R.T. C
14th Julian Cunnington Condor Cycles C
15th Steve Barnsley G.S.Vecchi D
16th Patrick Schils Velo Schils-Interbike D
17th Tim Pettit Essex Roads C.C. B
18th Mick Bath API-Metrow C
19th Steve Smith Redbridge C.C. D
20th Phil Bull V.C.Elan D
21st Kieren Dineen Amersham R.C. B

Category ‘A’ (40-44yrs)
1st Antony Wallis
2nd Mark Foulds
3rd Mark Daly

Category ‘B’ 45-49yrs)
1st Andy Pollintine
2nd Damien Foy
3rd Martin Meades

Category ‘C’ (50-54yrs)
1st Chris Baldwin
2nd Nigel Stevens
3rd Julian Cunnington

Category ‘D’ 55-59yrs)
1st Steve Barnsley
2nd Patrick Schils
3rd Steve Smith

Twenty riders started the race for categories EFGH (60yrs+) which was also held over one hour on the lower circuit but plus three laps. After 15 minutes of racing Dick Naylor (SFA), Geoff Wiles (SFA), Alan Williams (Gs Giucci) and Dave Dickie (Finchley) escaped from the bunch and gained a lead of 20 seconds but after 35 minutes Dave Dickie then Alan Williams dropped off leaving the two SFA riders to power on resulting in them lapping the field with exception of Alan Williams and Dave Dickie.

Dick Naylor took the honours from teammate Geoff Wiles in second place with Alan Williams on his own in third place.

Overall Result Categories EFG & H (60yrs+)
1st Dick Naylor SFA Racing Team F
2nd Geoff Wiles SFA Racing Team F
3rd Alan Williams G.S.Ciucci E
4th Ralph Keeler Wheels in Wheels (Reg 7) E
5th Dave Brown LVRC Private Member (Reg.7) E
6th Chris Gunter Virgin Active (Reg 7) E
7th Dave Dickie Finchley R.T. E
8th Colin Mannakee Glendene C.C. F
9th Roly Crayford SFA Racing Team G
10th Peter Jones Hillingdon C.C. (Reg.7) F
11th Dave Smith G.S.Avanti F
12th Roy Godbeer Southend Wheelers H
13th Ken Evans Ciclos Uno G
14th Norman Bright Kingsnorth Int-Nicosport H


Category ‘E’ (60-64yrs)
1st Alan Williams
2nd Dave Dickie

Category ‘G’ (70-74yrs)
1st Roly Crayford
2nd Ken Evans
Category ‘F’ (65-69yrs)
1st Dick Naylor
2nd Geoff Wiles
3rd Colin Mannakee

Category ‘H’ (75yrs+
1st Roy Godbeer
2nd Norman Bright



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