Report: One and All Cycling Bike Chain Ricci Open 10

Despite the mist and damp, little wind saw a fast evening with many PBs recorded as Jeff Houghton won with a 21.03

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Cornish Cup 2012 Race 7 | Wednesday 27th June | Course S103

Despite the mist and damp, the wind dropped and it turned out to be a fast evening with many PBs recorded. Competition was pretty cut-throat, with 25 riders within 2 minutes of the winner, so every second counted. For me, the ride of the night was by the only Junior in the race, Michael Hooper, who knocked nearly a minute from his PB.

When I was putting the signs out 2 hours before the start, there was some mist, but it was variable, and nowhere did it present a visibility problem that would have been a danger to riders. Early arrivals in the car park confirmed this assessment. However, later arrivals expressed some concern about the conditions. So, Ian North and I drove around the whole course and it did look to be problematic in some places, particularly from the start through Victoria, which would have been used by the alternative course as well.

At this stage I was on the point of canceling the race. However, despite the worries of one or two, other riders were keen to go ahead. After some discussion with the timekeepers, Ivor Edmonds and I drove around the course again. Visibility had clearly improved, particularly through Victoria. The mist seemed to be lifting generally. At this stage, I decided that it did not present a significant safety hazard, and that I was quite happy to ride myself. The race went ahead without incident, although, with one of my helpers not turning up, I was relegated to pushing off duties.

In these circumstances, I think that it’s important to remember that there will always be differences of opinion about weather conditions. Risk is a matter of degree, rather than black or white. No organizer is infallible. In the end, he has to make a decision, but so too do you, the rider. If you don’t feel safe, then you must not start.

Next One and All Cycling Bike Chain Ricci Open Time Trial:
Sunday 26th August at 07:00 on S100 course HQ Roche Victory Hall

1 Jeff Houghton 21:03 MV40 1st Man
2 Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers 21:06 MV40 2nd Man
3 Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers 21:20 MS 3rd Man
4 Gary Fouracres St Austell Wheelers 21:22 MV40 1st Man Vet 40
5 Ian Houvenaghel One & All 21:27 MV40 2nd Man Vet 40
6 Gary James Penzance Wheelers 21:35 MS
7 Graham Lobb 21:40 MV50 1st Man Vet 50
8 Matt Pullen Trizone 21:41 MS
9 Nick Harwood Revo Racing 21:46 MV40 3rd Man Vet 40
10 Tom Moran RUTrainingToday CC 21:58 MV50
11 Robin Brew Tavistock Wheelers 21:59 MV40
12 Stuart Sly One & All 22:04 MV40
13 Peter Miners Camel Valley CTC 22:09 MS
14 Darren Penn Camel Valley CTC 22:20 MV40
15 Julian Harper Exe Velo CC 22:24 MV40
16 Andrew Ellis 22:28 MV40
17 Ian Crocker Camel Valley CTC 22:30 MV40
18 James Hadfield 22:30 MS
19 David Bennett Yogi Cycling 22:33 MS
20 Adrian Hennessy One & All 22:35 MV50
21 Peter Jory One & All 22:42 MV40
22 Zach Wooley Royal Navy Royal Marines CA 22:48 MS
23 Peter Maker St Austell Wheelers 22:48 MV50
24 Michael Hooper One & All 22:57 MJ
25 John Allen One & All 22:58 MS
26 Tom Parsons Camel Valley CTC 23:05 MS
27 Andrew Crawford St Austell Wheelers 23:07 MV40
28 Stuart Pickering One & All 23:26 MV40
29 Chris Halls Team Tor 2000 23:32 MS
30 Rupert Warren Tavistock Wheelers 23:32 MV40
31 Andrew Hosking 23:40 MV40
32 Lisa Picton Camel Valley CTC 24:04 WS 1st Woman
33 Ian Bedford Alltrax 24:05 MV40
34 Rob Brown Camel Valley CTC 24:20 MV50
35 Ginine Wilce Camel Valley CTC 24:42 WV 1st Woman Vet
36 Steve Cuddy Camel Valley CTC 24:42 MV40
37 Jamie Daniell Camel Valley CTC 25:09 MS
38 Sandie Sly One & All 25:11 WV
39 Gary Player St Austell Wheelers 25:45 MV40
40 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers 26:08 WS
41 Allan Chapman Camel Valley CTC 26:40 MS
42 Lisa Player St Austell Wheelers 26:41 WV
43 Liz Bird One & All 27:55 WS
44 Jim Montgomerie Revo Racing 28:58 MV60 1st Man Vet 60
45 Beverley Pearce Newquay Velo 30:06 WV


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