Report: Team Time Trial Championships

Drag2Zero’s Matt Bottrill, Mark Holton & Charles McCulloch won the CTT Team Time Trial Championship in, Hampshire on Saturday afternoon.

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Eamonn  Deane writes ….  It was a welcome gold medal for Bottrill after two silvers in the 10 & 50 and a bronze in the 25. The “B” team of Scott Povey, Jon Simpkins & Jeff Jones made it a 1-2 for the Drag2Zero outfit. The experience of Darren Barclay, Danny Axford & Tim Bayley secured the bronze just 13 seconds ahead of the High Wycombe team of Adam Topham, Lee Tunicliffe & Jonathan Shubert.

Many many more pictures here from Eamonn Deane

Happy to do the lion’s share of the work, Bottrill was the main engine and towed Holton & McCulloch to a well-deserved national title. Covering the first of two laps in 35.29, they held a lead of over a minute as they thundered past the HQ. The second lap was one of consolidation, but another 30 seconds ensured the crown.

The 35 mile, H19/11c course based around the village of Preston Candover, featured in the Rudy Project series in 2010. A mix of twisting country lanes, rolling main road a couple of hills and a stiff westerly, called for concentration, technique and of course power. Punctures dashed the hopes of many, some abandoned, some settled for a 2-up. The promoting, North Hampshire Road Club put on a good championship and also managed to field three teams, all of whom finished.

What was said;
Matt Bottrill “It went all right. I know this circuit well and it’s my kind of thing. I got second to Wouter (Sybrandy) in the Rudy Project a couple of years ago. I love this kind of circuit and is where they ought to put the national 25 on! I felt good today.”

“I suppose I did most of the work, power to weight comes into it on this course. We rode the course this morning. I still want that individual win, I so want to win the national 25, that is the pinnacle for me. I first won it aged 19 with Chris Newton, it was 100km in them days, it was hell” Then I won it again four years ago with Geoff and Rambo!”

Many many more pictures here from Eamonn Deane

Mark Holton: “Every now and then me and Chas got in the way, then we got out of the way and let Matt do another few miles. Matt was incredible, he was definately the engine. There was a lot of suffering and was thinking ‘I just want this to end’!”

Chas McCulloch: “I went too hard in the first 20 minutes and I just suffered after that”.

Jeff Jones. “It was kinda fun. I was in the B team as we’d decided earlier in the year the team line ups. I did not mind which team I was in, I did the bulk of the work but we all contributed. I rode the Rudy Project here and it’s a hard course. The roads don’t give you anything. It challenges all aspects of your riding”.

Danny Axford, “We are pleased to get a medal, which was our aim. You have got to be in it to win it and on paper we are certainly not the quickest team but we are experienced and we know we can ride together and that’s what its about. We were punching above our weight today and it went really well. I won a road race on here in 1993”.

Team sponsor Peter Ruffhead added “They just all ride really well together, today is a roadmans course”.

Adam Topham: “We felt good, we were heading for a medal, maybe next year, we know we can do it”

Lee Tunnicliffe: “A medal next year definately”

Many many more pictures here from Eamonn Deane


1 A 01:13:59
Matthew Bottrill, Mark Holton, Charles McCulloch

2 B 01:15:32
Scott Povey, Jon Simpkins, Jeff Jones

3 Arctic SRAM RT 01:15:45
Darren Barclay, Danny Axford, Tim Bayley

4 High Wycombe CC 01:16:24
Adam Topham, Lee Tunnicliffe, Jonathan Shubert

5 MG Decor – Team Carbon Bikes 01:19:07
Martin Garner, Geoff Platts, Scott Walker

6 Andover Wheelers 01:19:45
Simon Healey, Mitchell Webber , Ben Pearce

7 Royal Navy & Royal Marines Cycling Association 01:19:48
Sean Childs, Nick Tryon, Andrew Plewes

8 Fred Williams Racing 01:20:54
James Ratcliffe, Paul Horton, Chris Woods

9 Fairly United Cycling Team 01:22:46
Paul Granger, Mick Murphy, Mark Cox

10 Rye & District Wheelers 01:23:40
Barry Goodsell, Steve Gooch, Nick Wilson

11 Royal Navy & Royal Marines Cycling Association 01:25:48
Lee Sanderson, Barry Moss, Andy Phipps

12 a3crg 01:26:06
Rob Sherrin, John Hepper, Warren Peters

13 North Hampshire Road Club 01:27:34
Robert Watson, Jonathan Hobby, Andre Posthuma

14 North Hampshire Road Club 01:31:03
Nigel Parker, Richard Staunton, Andy Hibberd

15 Team Midland Racing 01:31:18
Andrew Waters-Peach, Olav Martin Giles, Paul Haslam

16 Guernsey Velo Club 01:31:23
Karina Bowie, Ann Bowditch, Sam Herridge

17 Avonlea/Treasure RT 01:35:20
Russell Boon, Adrian Bult, Tom Woodward

18 Team Midland Racing 01:35:28
Roland Smythe, Andrew Davis, Neil Morgan

19 Royal Navy & Royal Marines Cycling Association 01:37:13
Zach Woolley, Robert Lowe, Laurence Roke

20 North Hampshire Road Club 01:37:37
Mandy Hibberd, Tracy Cornell, Jack Holdcroft

21 Bournemouth Arrow CC 01:39:56
Stephen Shepherd, Richard Wyeth, Ian Hayden

22 a3crg 01:47:37 3
Johanna Lovell, Jo Edson, Jane Allen

23 Team Midland Racing 01:49:00
Gabriela MacKinnon, Gary Crump, Keith Burdett

24 Team Midland Racing 01:49:11
James Harrison, Eric Jones, Peter Varian

25 Team Midland Racing 02:04:23
Graham Hewson, Adam Bennett, Jonathan Moore
Pedal Heaven RT 01:18:29 2 0:38:31 27.063
Allan Ridler, Chris McNamara, Paul Pickup

In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 01:18:29 2 0:37:02 27.063
Pete Tadros, Matt Miles, Connal Yates

Poole Wheelers 01:21:49 2 0:39:14 25.960
Paul Jones, Gary Dighton, Terry Icke

Adalta CC 01:26:55 2 0:41:42 24.437
Richard McVey, Pete Elms, Sam Hocking
a3crg 01:30:06 2 0:39:01 23.574
Sebastian Ader, Graeme Stirzaker, Philip Peters
Royal Navy & Royal Marines Cycling Association 01:34:40 1 0:45:11 22.437
Barrie Whitehead, Bob Richards, Shawn Gimbert



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