Report: George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits

With series leader Mike Coyle absent, Jon Lewis rose brilliantly to the challenge and his fourth place behind winner Brock Duncumb Rogers was enough to clinch the series

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Race 4, the question prior to the final race of the Hove Park Series, with double points on the night and the series leader Mike Coyle’s absence, was could Jon Lewis take advantage with a view to the overall series win. The answer to that was an emphatic yes with Jon Lewis rising brilliantly to the challenge picking up much valued prime points and riding strongly in the opening part of the race.

The race itself was always going to be a cagey affair with the main contenders marking each other closely and the only big attack of the night came from Matt Butt (ASL 360) when he broke away with 4 laps to go but he unfortunately overcooked the sharp left hand bend and came crashing down on the tarmac.

This left the main group to fight out the uphill sprint to the finish line resulting in a win for Brock Duncumb-Rogers (GWR Team), Jean Spies (In-Gear) second, Mitre’s own Paul Flynn third and most importantly Jon Lewis securing fourth. This gave Jon Lewis the necessary series points to become the first ‘George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits’ Champion.


Cat 2/3 Race
1. Brock Duncumb Rogers (GWR Team)
2. Jean Spies (In-Gear)
3. Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)
4. Jon Lewis (Charlotteville)
5. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)
6. Mark Poland (In-Gear)
7. Steve Kane (Brighton Excelsior)
8. George Moore (ASL360)
9. Elliot Lipski (VC Elan)
10. Mattew Butt (ASL360)
11. Stuart Bettis (Team Terminator)
12. Stuart Nisbett (Crawley wheelers)
13. Jon Potts (London Dynamo)
14. Paul Butler (In-Gear)
15. Jack Evans (Brighton Mitre)
16. Robert Thatcher (Sydenham)

Final Series Overall Points Standings
1. Jon Lewis (Charlotteville CC) 41pts
2. Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre) 35pts
3. Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre) 31pts
4. Brock Duncumb Rogers (GWR Team) 28pts
5. Jean Spies (In-Gear) 22pts
6. Gary Brind (Southdown Bikes) 11pts
7. Eric Decolier (Private Memember) 7pts
8. Jules Birks (VC Londres) 6pts
9. George Moore (Team ASL360) 6pts
10. Steve Calland (Southdown Bikes) 3pts
10. Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla) 3pts
10. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre) 3pts
11. Matthew Butt (Team ASL360) 1pt
Category 4
The category 4 race took its by now customary format of a fast moving pack that gradually weeded out the weaker riders leaving a strong group of ten with the ever improving James Tipler (Southborough Wheelers) breaking away for a fine solo victory.

Cat 4 Race Result
1. James Tipler (Southborough)
2. Jason Gilbert (Brighton Mitre)
3. Joel Draper (Brighton Mitre)
4. Alistair Thompson (Brighton Mitre)
5. Nigel O’Brien (Private Member)
6. JP Saville (Private Member)
7. James Danvers (Brighton Mitre)
8. Martin Green (Bayeux Landscape)
9. Martin Edmonds (Brighton Mitre)
10. Mark Stuart-William (Brighton Mitre)
11. Simon Huges (Brighton Mitre)
12. Simon Head (Dulwich)
13. Stuart Crooks (Brighton Mitre)
14. Gregor Ross (Private Member)
15. Alan Newman (Brighton Mitre)
16. Dan Fagg (Brighton Mitre)
DNF – Trevor Roberts (Brighton Mitre)

This just leaves the organisers to say a massive thanks to all the volunteers & riders whose efforts went towards making this 2012 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Series such a great success. Hope to see you all back again for the 2013 series.


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