Result: LVRC Ford CC Dunton Series

Held on July 19, lone win for Patrick Schils as he solos to victory ahead of Barry Neal

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Although there many attacks in the first phase of the race the bunch would not allow any group to gain a significant advantage. In winning the first prime after 20 mins of the 1 hour race Patrick Schils signaled his intention by taking it well clear of the bunch.

After further flurries of attacks Patrick attacked with 4 laps to go and despite a determined chase by Dave Farrow and Dave Crower Patrick was still well clear and had a 20 sec lead going into the last lap. Patrick held on until the line where Barry Neal took a close sprint for second from team mate Martin Meades, Mark Daly and Mick Bath.

With just two events to go in the series Mark Daly has increased his lead to 5points over David Farrow in the A cat; Barry Neal looks unassailable in Cat B with 15 point to Tim Pettit’s 6 ; Mick Bath has taken the lead by just 1 point from n Cat C; whilst Chris Edwards has a 6 point lead over Patrick Schills.

Patrick’s recent form suggests that the Cat D winner is by no means clear; Richard Fraczek continues to draw closer to Dave Terry who only has a 2 point lead in cat E; Colin Mannakee cannot now be caught in cat F; Mick Curtis has lost his lead to Roly Crayford in cat G while and Chas Wilde continues to lead cat H but by only 2 points from evergreen Roy Godbeer.

1. Patrick Schils Velo Schils D
2. Barry Neal Ciclos Uno B @15 secs
3. Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B st
4. Mark Daly ColourTech A st
5. Mick Bath API C st
6. David Crowe ColourTech C st
7. Tim Pettit Essex Roads B st
8. Martin Elms Southend Whs C st
9. Chris Edwards 4t+ D st
10. Lee Tanner VeloSchills B st
11. Colin Mannakee Glendene F st
12. Peter Arden Victoria B st
13. Savas Anibel B st
14. Roly Crayford SFA G st
15. Martin Ryan Ford CC B st
16. Steve James North Road C st
17. Richard Williamson Kingston Whs F st
18. S Brennan Unity C st
19. Douglas Allen Velo Schils A st
20. Dave Farrow Eagle RC A st
21. Leigh Aldrich West Kent D st
22. Jason Fitchew Ford CC A st
23. Russell Tribley Chelmer C st
24. Angelo Christidides ?????? C @ 1.30
25. Richard Fraczek Essex Roads E @ 1.40
26. Roy Godbeer Southend Whs H @ 2 laps
27. Mick Curtis Corridori G st


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