Result: Scunthorpe Poly Bylton Circuit Races

Richard Moore and Max Williamson winners on Tuesday at the Scunthorpe Poly Bylton Circuit Races (July 24)

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E,1,2,3,4, Yth A Handicap 28.8 Miles 18 Laps
1. Richard Moore Squadra Rt 1hr 1min 41sec
2. Mark Robbins Scunthorpe Poly Cc At 4sec
3. Chris Daddy Squadra Rt At 7sec
4. Andrew Marsh Dinnington ”
5. Mark Cotton Private Member ”
6. Anthony Pearson Scunthorpe Poly Cc ”
7. Jacob Trotter Squadra Rt ”
8. Callum Rogers Scunthorpe Poly Cc ”
9. Richard Baldwin Dinnington ”
10. Simon Froberg Dinnington ”

Youth B,C,D,E Handicap 8 Miles 5 Laps
1. Max Williamson Lincsquad 21min 32sec
2. Tom Yeats Lincsquad At 29sec
3. Max Poole Lincsquad At 37sec
4. Isabel Darvill Newark Castle At 1min 21sec
5. Liam Hindmarsh Gainsborough Aegir At 1min 30sec
6. Lois Crehan Dinnington At 1min 58sec
7. Euan Crehan Dinnington At 2min 9sec
8. Lewis Nutt Dinnington At 2min 29sec
9. Leon Chapman Clay Cross Rt At 5min 32sec
10. Matthew Woolley Newark Castle At 1 Lap


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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