Report: Women’s Circuit Race Championship

World Junior Road Race Champion Lucy Garner has won the Women’s Circuit Race Championship in a bunch kick after 45 minutes of tough agressive racing in Sheffield

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The young World Champion Lucy Garner turned up at the race wearing normal Node 4-Giordana kit, not wanting to wear the rainbow stripes in a senior event (technically she isn’t allowed as far as I am aware) but walked away with the British Champion’s jersey she can wear in any circuit race such as the Women’s Tour Series in 2013 should there be one, which I expect their will after it was such a success.

Lucy Garner (above): 2012 Women’s Circuit Champion - “I was so happy as I crossed the line tonight. I wasn’t sure how the legs were going to be after a hard block of training last week to be ready for the Road Euros. The legs though felt really good and the race finished how I wanted it to finish.”

“The whole race was pretty fast tonight and the course was tough with the cobbled drag. It was a really good race though. Elieen (Roe) went quite early on, like from the bottom and kept the pace going and I think that was what was needed. Then it just split up and you had to be top 3. Even being in second position, it was hard to get round her in the last finishing straight.”

“Once you see that finish line, you give it everything!”

“There were a lot of strong riders out there tonight. Elinor (Barker) was attacking a lot, and the Scott riders were strong and so were Matrix (Prendas). With all the teams out there attacking, you have to watch everyone and can’t let anyone go as everyone is pretty strong.”

“The Tour Series (Johnson Health Tech GP) this year went well for me. I wanted to do better in some of the races but to win this, I’m so happy. It will be great to be able to wear the stripes in crits next year!”

Lucy now has the European Road Championships to race in Holland in a few weeks but before she goes there, Lucy will go the Olympics to watch the road races. “I’m going to be training now for the Euros and that’s the main aim and then the Worlds later on.”

Lucy then said that the Euros and Worlds are on completely different courses in 2012, the Euros flat and Worlds hilly. Good luck to the East Midlands youngster in both!

Amy Roberts (3rd): “I thought it was a really good race with attacks going all the time. Everyone was chasing everything down though and lots of team work going on. I knew if it came down to a sprint Lucy would be the strongest but I’m pleased to have got a medal in a senior championship .”

Above: Amy Roberts, one of two juniors in the top three for the British Circuit Race Champs for women.

Here’s the photos from the racing!

Lucy Garner wins the 2012 Women’s Circuit Race Championship …

Riders roll away for an aggressive 45 minutes of racing that still ended in a bunch kick, as did the mens later on.

Annie Simpson forces the pace up the cobbled climb … notice how the left hand riders take the smoother option!

Annie Simpson going solo but was brought back and then spent a lot of laps chasing before retiring from the race after having dropped her chain. Better luck next time Annie! 

Scotland’s Eileen Roe forces the pace after Annie Simpson. Lucy Garner later admitted it was Roe’s effort on the final lap, going early, that helped them go clear of the rest and from Roe’s wheel, Garner was able to go on and win the championship.

Joanna Tindley was well up for the race and is pictured going off the front and causing splits in the peloton.

The top 3 in the race, Eileen Roe, Lucy Garner and Amy Roberts. Garner and Roberts are both juniors!

It took some help from Lucy’s GB coach Matt Winston to get the champagne open but once she did, Eileen was not escaping a shower!


1. Lucy Garner, Node Giordana
2. Eileen Roe, Team Ibis
3. Amy Roberts, Scott Contessa Epic
4. Elinor Barker, Scott Contessa Epic
5. Hannah Barnes, Team Ibis
6. Emily Kay, Scott Contessa Epic
7. Laura Massey, Abergavenny RC
8. Harriett Owen, Node 4 Giordana
9. Tamina Oliver, Abergavenny RC
10. Louise Mahe, Mulebar Girl
11. Adela Carter, Hope Factory RT
12. Penny Rowson, Matrix Fitness Prendas
13. Nicola Juniper, Eagle RC
14. Joanna Tindley, VC ST Raphael
15. Hannah Walker, Matrix Fitness Prendas
16. Jessie Walker, Matrix Fitness Prendas
17. Alice Barnes, Twenty3c – Orbea
18. Corrine Hall, Node 4 Giordana
19. Joanne McRae, Look Mum No Hands



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