Olympics: Day 4 Track Cycling

A fantastic Bronze medal for Ed Clancy in the Men’s Omnium whilst Kenny and Pendleton storm on towards more medals

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Men’s Omnium – Day 2

This was Clancy’s D day and with the form of his life, he was in with a chance of a medal, Gold perhaps, but it was always going to depend on that final bunch race, the Scratch.

Clancy PB’d by a massive margin in the fourth round of the Omnium, the Individual Pursuit, to go second in the overall behind Aussie O’Shea and all it needed was a top five or so performance in the Scratch to stay in contention before the Kilo. The one thing he needed to do was not miss a break. After seeing Ed do so well in the Tour Series, hour long crits, surely he’d stand a good chance.

It didn’t take long though for British fans worst fears to be realised as a break went ever so early and Clancy had missed it. Thankfully, sigh of relief, it did come back together again.

The favourites at this point were watching each other but they were soon on the attack and whilst Viviani and Kulge went clear, there was near disaster for Clancy as he flicked up the track only to find the Dane Hansen overlapping his wheel and the man from Denmark went crashing down the track.

Hansen didn’t waste time getting up though and on a new bike and after a regrouping, the attacks continued and the race split many times as a result. A big group escaped whilst O’Shea, Hansen and Clancy were marking each other and the leaders were soon looking good to take the lap. Hansen went after it alone and Clancy tried to go with him, it was too much and he dropped back.

Not only did the likes of Viviani , Conquard and Kluge get their lap, but so did Hansen, solo and whilst the time trials of Clancy were stunning athletic performances, so was Hansen’s lap gain and that was the key moment of the competition. Clancy did try and get away but even when he had the gap, the rest weren’t letting him get anywhere and his race was soon over.

The finale was a mad dash for the line and Clancy did everything he could to be the best of the rest who hadn’t been lapped but it wasn’t enough and he dropped down the standings.

One more event to do and victory in the kilo was expected but his time wasn’t, well not by those of us out of the ‘know’ (Sir Chris Hoy guessed it again!)

The time, a 1.00.9 was simply stunning, only a few tenths of Chris Hoy’s best but no matter how big his winning margin over the rest, it counted for nothing and his points for winning simply helped him up the table and into the bronze medal position.
Afterwards, the rider who rides for Rapha Condor Sharp here in Britain when not winning Olympic medals, said “I’ve always been saying that I’ve been coming here for the Team Pursuit as I always do I stick all my eggs in that basket”.

“Mentally it was so hard getting up the next day to go into a full blown omnium” he told Jill Douglas of BBC. “I had the form of my life – the kilo, the pursuit, the flying lap, PB by a mile in all of them.”

“It’s just a shame in the bunch races I got torn apart by the specialists. I always knew it would be touch and go to get a medal. It’s an emotional rollercoaster out there, one minute you are winning, the next you are completely out of the race. That was the story of the last two days.”

“At one point I was looking at getting that Gold medal in the Scratch but it just slipped away.”

“We’ve had so much support here, I have even had the great Mark Cavendish on the phone trying to help me out. The support has just been unbelievable. I’d just like to say thanks to all the staff – the management, the physios, they all work so hard and they’re the real heroes behind all this.”

1 HANSEN Lasse Norman 4:20.674
2 CLANCY Edward 4:20.853
3 O’SHEA Glenn 4:24.811
4 ARANGO CARVAJAL Juan Esteban 4:25.477
5 KLUGE Roger 4:25.554
6 ARCHBOLD Shane 4:26.581
7 VIVIANI Elia 4:28.499
8 BELL Zachary 4:29.411
9 TERUEL ROVIRA Eloy 4:29.874
10 van HOECKE Gijs 4:29.992
11 LEA Bobby 4:30.127
12 COQUARD Bryan 4:30.780
13 CHO Hosung 4:32.382
14 IRVINE Martyn 4:32.948
15 PEREZ Walter Fernando 4:33.532
16 LINAREZ ZAMBRANO Carlos Daniel 4:36.477
17 CHOI Ki Ho 4:38.707
18 MANSILLA Luis 4:53.230

1 BELL Zachary
4 KLUGE Roger
6 HANSEN Lasse Norman
7 LEA Bobby
8 CHO Hosung
9 IRVINE Martyn
10 CLANCY Edward -1
11 ARANGO CARVAJAL Juan Esteban -1
12 PEREZ Walter Fernando -1
13 ARCHBOLD Shane -1
14 O’SHEA Glenn -1
15 van HOECKE Gijs -1
16 MANSILLA Luis -1
17 China CHOI Ki Ho
18 LINAREZ ZAMBRANO Carlos Daniel -2

1 CLANCY Edward 1:00.981 1
2 HANSEN Lasse Norman 1:02.314
3 O’SHEA Glenn 1:02.513
4 COQUARD Bryan 1:03.078
5 KLUGE Roger 1:03.144
6 ARCHBOLD Shane 1:03.290
7 ARANGO CARVAJAL Juan Esteban 1:03.793
8 CHO Hosung 1:04.150
9 VIVIANI Elia 1:04.239
10 BELL Zachary 1:04.328
11 IRVINE Martyn 1:04.558
12 van HOECKE Gijs 1:04.748
13 LEA Bobby 1:04.853
14 TERUEL ROVIRA Eloy 1:05.463
15 CHOI Ki Ho 1:06.071
16 LINAREZ ZAMBRANO Carlos Daniel 1:06.773
17 PEREZ Walter Fernando 1:07.523
18 MANSILLA Luis 1:08.517

1 HANSEN Lasse Norman Denmark 27
2 COQUARD Bryan France 29
3 CLANCY Edward Great Britain 30
4 KLUGE Roger Germany 33
5 O’SHEA Glenn Australia 34
6 VIVIANI Elia Italy 34
7 ARCHBOLD Shane New Zealand 48
8 BELL Zachary Canada 49
9 TERUEL ROVIRA Eloy Spain 59
10 ARANGO CARVAJAL Juan Esteban Colombia 60
11 CHO HosungRepublic of Korea 60
12 LEA Bobby United States of America 61
13 IRVINE Martyn Ireland 64
14 PEREZ Walter Fernando Argentina 72 +
15 van HOECKE Gijs Belgium 77 +
16 CHOI Ki Ho Hong Kong, China 89 +
17 LINAREZ ZAMBRANO Carlos Daniel Venezuela 96 +
18 MANSILLA Luis Chile 104

In a competition normally run over a day, in the Olympics they manage to stretch it out for three days and on day two, Jason Kenny faced the quarter finals against the experienced Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia) famous for his wheelies.

In match one of three, Kenny drew the inside on the start line and led Awang for the first half lap, watching him as he rode around the bottom of the track, never taking his eyes off Awang as he blindly steered his bike round the curve of the bend.

After Awang finally got his bike in front, and a few dummy moves were thrown in by Kenny to unsettle the Malaysian, finally Awang stopped with the games and opened up the throttle only to see Kenny blast past. Awang came out of the sprinters lane to try and slow the British rider down but that didn’t phase Kenny and he continued on his merry way to the line for an easy win. One nil to Kenny.

In the second match, more fireworks as Awang led away and after the usual bluff and counter bluff, high on the track and now travelling at speed, Kenny dived under Awang, never wavering as the Malaysian came down to try and block the move and after taking Awang back up the track, Kenny lit the gas and raced to the line pretty much unchallenged.

Kenny was through to the semi finals …

Quarter Finals (Best of three)
Heat 1
Jason Kenny (GB) beat Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia) 2:0

Heat 2
Gregory Bauge (France) beat Robert Forstemann (Germany) 2:0

Heat 3
Shane Perkins (Australia) beat Jimmy Watkins (USA) 2:0

Heat 4
Njisane Nicholas Phillip (Trinidad & Tobago) beat Denis Dmitriev (Russia)

5th-8th Place
5 DMITRIEV Denis Russian Federation 10.340
6 WATKINS Jimmy United States of America
7 FORSTEMANN Robert Germany
8 AWANG Azizulhasni Malaysia


Day 1 of the Women’s Sprint, like the men’s spread out over three days, the same period a whole World Cup is held over, The Keirin Olympic Champion, Victoria Pendleton really put the frighteners on her rivals with an Olympic record in qualifying but dangerously, Aussie Anna Meares, second to Vicky in Beijing, was not far behind.

The qualifying has always been an Achilles heel for Pendleton but that hasn’t stopped her continuing to win world title after world title and one can only image how she will use that extra speed she has when married to her tactical experience in this competition.

Early Rounds
Day 1 of the sprint saw the 1/16th and 1/8th finals and these were a formality for the top riders with Pendleton, Meares and Guo all cruising through their rounds. Pendleton’s win against former BMX world champion Willy Kanis was an indication of just how good she is going. Kanis is no muppett and has won world cups before but Pendleton made her look second rate in the 1/8th final. In the 1/16th final against Ekaterina Gnidenko (Russia), Pendleton simply cruised all the way to go through unchallenged.0

1 Pendleton Victoria Great Britain 10.724 Or +
2 Meares Anna Australia 10.805 +
3 Guo Shuang People’s Republic Of China11.020 +
4 Vogel Kristina Germany 11.027 +
5 Panarina Olga Belarus 11.080 +
6 Guerra Rodriguez Lisandra Cuba 11.109 +
7 Lee Wai Sze Hong Kong, China11.203 +
8 Krupeckaite Simona Lithuania 11.234 +
9 Hansen Natasha New Zealand 11.241 +
10 Shulika Lyubov Ukraine 11.319 +
11 Kanis Willy Netherlands 11.322 +
12 Sullivan Monique Canada 11.347 +
13 Gaviria Rendon Juliana Colombia 11.376 +
14 Lee Hyejin Republic Of Korea 11.405 +
15 Cueff Virginie France 11.439 +
16 Larreal Daniela Grelui Venezuela 11.569 +
17 Maeda Kayono Japan 11.600 +
18 Gnidenko Ekaterina Russian Federation 11.649

1/6th Finals
Heat 1
Victoria Pendelton (Gb) Beat Ekaterina Gnidenko (Russia)

Heat 2
Anna Meares (Australia) Beat Kayono Maeda (Japan)

Heat 3
Shuang Guo (China) Beat Daniela Grelui Larreal (Venezuela)

Heat 4
Kristina Vogel (Germany) Beat Virginie Cueff (France)

Heat 5
Olga Panarina (Belarus) Beat Hyejin Lee (Korea)

Heat 6
Lisandra Guerra (Cuba) Beat Juliana Gaviria (Columbia)

Heat 7
Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong) Beat Monique Sillivan (Canada)

Heat 8
Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) Beat Willy Kanis (Holland)

Heat 9
Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine) Beat Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)
Reps: Hansen, Sullivan And Kanis Then Made It Through To The 1/8th Finals Via The Repechages

1/8th Finals

Heat 1
Victoria Pendelton (Gb) Beat Willy Kanis (Holland)

Heat 2
Anna Meares (Australia) Beat Monique Sillivan (Canada)
Heat 3
Shuang Guo (China) Beat Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)

Heat 4
Kristina Vogel (Germany) Beat Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine)

Heat 6
Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) Beat Olga Panarina (Belarus)

Heat 7
Lisandra Guerra (Cuba) Beat Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong)

Reps: Shulika And Panarina Then Won Through To The Quarter Finals Winning Their Repechages



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