Report: Welwyn Track League

3rd August – Warm evening produced some fast and close racing in the Senior A group and the fastest 10 lap odds and Evens Block Pursuit of the season.

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Peter Waghorn 

John McClelland opened up with a win in the 10 lap scratch and led in the ‘Evens’ in the Block Pursuit close followed by Trevor Burke and Mike Broadwith – the ‘Odds’, led by Alex Wise, were in touch until the final two laps.

A breakaway trio in the Points race gathered up the points with Mike Broadwith the main beneficiary.

In the closing 10 mile the numbers slowly diminished due to the fast pace and six riders were left to contest the finish – won by John McClelland while Trevor Burke and Mark Smith were unable to be separated by the camera to make a dead heat for second place.

Colin Hodges made a return to the track after a crash some weeks ago and led from start to finish in the Devil to take a welcome victory. The Youth A group had Luke Morgan in control while in the BC series Frank Longstaff and Mitchell Powell shared the honours. Bob Longstaff from the CDE group made good use of his handicap to win the combined BCD 5 lap Points race

The GB teams successes at the Olympics should produce a revival in track racing numbers

Senior A
10 lap scratch – John McClelland (Prestige) Trevor Burke (Finchley RT) Alex Wise (VC St Raphael)
10 lap points – Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Mark Smith (Welwyn Whs) Tom Gallacher (Metaltek)
10 lap Odds & Evens Block Pursuit – John McClelland (Prestige) Trevor Burke (Finchley RT) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford)
10 mile – John McClelland (Prestige) = 2nd Mark Smith (Welwyn) Trevor Burke (Finchley RT)

Senior B
10 lap scr – Gareth Richards (Shinri Cycling) Richard Bloomfield (Welwyn Whs) Ben Smith (Welwyn Whs)
10 lap Odds & Evens Block Pursuit – Anthony Morrs (CC Ashwell) Glen O’Brien (CC Luton)
Devil – Colin Hodges (Welwyn Whs) Glen O’Brien (CC Luton) Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell)

Youth A
8 lap scratch – Luke Morgan, Jack Plumley, Sam Dossett (all Welwyn)
Devil – Luke Morgan , Sam Dossett, Jordan Mooney (all Welwyn)
8 lap points – Luke Morgan (Welwyn) Cameron Woolsey (CC Ashwell) Sam Dossett (Welwyn)

Youth B/C
5 lap scr – Frank Longstaff (Colchester) Mitchell Powell (Chelmer) Connor Woodford (Willesden)
Devil – Mitchell Powell (Chelmer) Frank Longstaff (Colchester) Nick Brown (Welwyn)
6 lap Points – Bob Longstaff (Colchester) Frank Longstaff (Colcheter) Mitchell Powell (Chelmer )
5 Lap handicap – Mitchell Powell (Chelmer) Connor Woodford (Willesden) Nick Brown (Welwyn)


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