Results: Ciclos Uno Summer Series 7

Martin Meades and Colin Mannakee winner at week 7 of the Ciclos Uno Summer Series at Hog Hill on Thursday the 9th of August 

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On a sunny evening 23 riders took to the start line. Several breakaway attempts during the race all were short lived owing to the overall speed of the race.

With 2 laps to go just like last week, Matt Gallagher (Crest CC) made a solo breakaway, at the bell he had no more the 15 sec but alas he was swallowed up with half a lap to go and made it a 20 + bunch sprint, won by Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno).

1st Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B
2nd David Farrow Eagle RC A
3rd Barry Neal Ciclos Uno B
4th Russell Ford Glade CC B
5th Damion Foy Eagle RC B
6th Douglas Allen Velo Schils Int A
7th Angelo Chuistides PVT C
8th Peter Arden Victoria CC B
9th Mick Lee PVT D
10th Steve Smith Redbridge CC D
11th Savas Anibal PVT B
12th Andy Pegg Keni CC (Norwich) C
13th Ossie Assem Finchley RC A
14th Steve Trudgell West Kent RC A
15th Conor Murphy Victoria CC C
16th Mark Harris PVT C
17th Steve Barnsley G.S. Vecchi D
18th Matt Gallagher Crest CC/Brixton A
19th David Boakes Chelmer CC C
20th Tony Meader Eagle RC C

Result of “A” race
1st David Farrow Eagle RC
2nd Douglas Allen Velo Schils / Interbike
3rd Ossie Assen Finchley RC
4th Matt Gallagher Crest CC / Brixton
5th Steve Trudgell West Kent RC
6th Matt Gallagher Crest CC/Brixton

Result of “B” race
1st Martin Meades Ciclos Uno
2nd Barry Neal Ciclos Uno
3th Russell Ford Glade CC
4th Damion Foy Eagle RC
5th Peter Arden Victoria CC / Ciclos Uno
6th Savas Anibal LVRC PVT

Result of “C” race
1st Angelo Chuistides PVT
2nd Andy Pegg Keni CC (Norwich)
3rd Conor Murphy Victoria CC
4th Mark Harris PVT
5th David Boakes Chelmer CC
6th Tony Meader Eagle RC

Result of “D” race
1st Mick Lee PVT
2nd Steve Smith Redbridge CC
3rd Steve Barnsley G.S. Vecchi
The race stayed all together even with hotly contested prime sprint but still it stayed in one bunch, and finished in a bunch sprint won by Colin Mannakee (Glendene CC)

1st Colin Mannakee Glendene CC/Ridley F
2nd Terry Devine Ciclos Uno F
3rd Dave Brown PVT E
4th Chris Broadway Braintree Velo E
5th Peter Constable Velo Schils/Inter E
6th Dave Kerry Chelmer CC E
7th Dave Smith G.S. Avanti F
8th Dave Dickie Finchley RT E
9th Trevor Mills Ford CC F
10th Chaz Wilde Eagle RC H
11th Andrew Bywater North Road CC E
12th Norman Bright Kingsnorth Int H

“E” race
1st Dave Brown PVT
2nd Chris Broadway Braintree Velo
3rd Peter Constable Velo Schils/Inter
4th Dave Kerry Chelmer CC
5th Dave Dickie Finchley RT
6th Andrew Bywater North Road CC

“F” race
1st Colin Mannakee Glendene CC / Ridley
2nd Terry Devine Ciclos Uno
3rd Dave Smith G.S Avanti
4th Trevor Mills Ford CC

“H” race
1st Chaz Wilde Eagle RC
2nd Norman Bright Kingsnorth Int


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