Report: Matt Bottrill turning up the heat!

On Saturday, afternoon Matthew Bottrill ( won Derby Mercury’s 25 mile time trial with a ’47’.

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On one of the hottest day’s this year, it was sure to provide some fast times with the low air pressure. A start list of 120 riders were entred for the race, on the Etwal based course in Derbyshire. The first rider to show promise was Simon Wilson, Team Metaltek-pro cyling team with a 48.12. This was then followed by Silver National time trial medalist in the 100 and 12hrs championship, Andrew Bason (Team Pedal Revolution) with a time of 48.54.

Then came Bottrill’s team mate, Jeff Jones who has been showing amazing form this back half of the season, having ridden to a new personal best of 48.42 just two weeks Before, slotted between Wilson and Bason to equal his personal best.  Then it was the turn of Bottrill. With a build up toward’s the final big race of the season, the British time trial championships, it’s not been plain sailing the last few weeks.

With the race a UCI one, Bottrill faced all sorts of challenges trying to get confirmation on bike regulations which are governed by the the UCI, the governing body for cycling. Basically, what this means is every rider has to ride in the same postion whether they’re 6ft or 4ft. There are some small changes with arm length that are allowed but in general it means that every rider will ride the same.

Also, each bike has to conform with the 3.1 bike regulation for aerodynamics and as Matt explained, “all in all, the last few weeks have been quite stressful trying to adapt to the new position which has taken some doing”.

Leaving the start area at 4pm, Bottrill was soon up to speeds of over 33mph, hitting the half way mark in a time of 25.26. It was clear it was going to be a fast day and the final time of 47.23 would but Bottrill at the top of the leader board which would make it over 20 wins this season.

Bottrill was happy with the ride, saying “I’m really happy to say I’m back where I wanted to be. With just two weeks before the British time trial championships, everything looks back on track, I’ve been pulling my hair out at time’s trying to get sorted, but Im glad to say, the form is good and the position on the bike is really good. The ride I did today was my second fastest ever. I know the UCI set up is not as fast as my normal position on the bike which makes the ride even more pleasing”.

Next week Bottrill takes part in a 10 mile time trial before the final test at the British Time Trial championships.

1 Matthew Bottrill 47’23
2 Siimon Wilson 48’12
3 Jeff Jones 48’42
4 Matt Sinclair 48’54
4 Andy Bason 48’54


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