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Stephen Nunn and Robert Moore winners at the circuit races at Parham Park in the Surrey League event (Saturday 25th August)

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Report and Photos: Graham Robins

Stephen Nunn (Arctic RT) won the first of two races at Parham Park which was part of the Surrey League. There were two races today held in the beautiful surroundings of the park nestled in the South Downs way in West Sussex. The first race was for third cat riders with the second and third cat riders racing after lunch. Although the race started under heavy skies, it was dry until after the first neutralised lap when the heavens opened and it continued to rain throughout the length of the race. Punctures were the order of the day as the gravel inside the park played havoc with the riders. There were even three punctures before the race got underway.

The race was scheduled for thirteen laps of a 3.1 miles course but with the bad weather and a dwindling field, the race was shortened to nine racing laps by the commissaries. As each lap was completed, the field which started fourty strong was soon down to a third of this.

The first couple of laps were run at a sedate pace as riders dropped by the wayside with flats and there was an incident where riders were caught out by the wet conditions and they were brought down at the back of the course. At what turned out to be half distance, first Ian Leeding (Norwood Paragon) eased out a couple of seconds lead, but on the next lap it was his team mate Austyn Tusler who was doing the charging and he was in the lead by about ten seconds but he punctured and that was his race over.

The race was now down to seven riders on the same lap and all together. There was still time in the race for more punctures as Mike Hawkins (Norwood Paragon) succumbed but he got a spare wheel, changed it and while using the race convoy cars, got back into the leading group of seven.

Once through the line and the bell ringing, the rain got heavier. Around the back of the course on the road section, Stephen set himself up for the win by being the first to enter the park. He opened a gap and led all the way to the line, leaving the others to fight for second. At the head of the sprint was puncture victim Mike Hawkins leading the sprint to the line. Emma Craddock from the promoting club also was a victim of the conditions having two punctures very close together but still came in as first lady.

1. Stephen Nunn Arctic RT 1hr 09 mins
2. Mike Hawkins Norwood Paragon @14secs
3. Steve Atkinson Southdowns Bikes @15secs
4. Nick Gassan 34 Nomads @st
5. Leon Fielding Velosport @st
6. Cliff Steele Brixton Cycles
7. Mark Workman Festival RC
8. Gavin Mitchell Twickenham CC
9. Joseph Saville Brighton Mitre
10. Emma Craddock Southdowns Bikes.

11 Joseph Saville Brighton Mitre 3V
12 Matt Townsend Lewes Wanderers 3V

After lunch, the second race was started on the same course but this race would complete all thirteen laps scheduled. After the first neutralised lap, the first lap proper was taken at a steady pace. Unlike the morning race, this one was run in the dry, but it still suffered the problem of punctures with riders falling by the wayside on each lap.

Soon there were a couple of attacks with first Marcus Brueton (Norwood Paragon) and John Phillips (Brighton Mitre) pulling out a handful of seconds on the bunch. On the next lap, it was Marcus and Robert Moore (London Phoenix) now leading the race.

With nine laps to go, the leaders started to work together and they extended their lead to 23 secs with Marc Clothier (Southdowns Bikes) and Jonathan Lewis (Charlotteville CC) eight second ahead of two more riders on the charge. The leaders managed to extend their lead to the chasing group of now five riders.

The chasers were unable to make inroads into the leaders time and it stayed around 1 min 15 secs. On the next lap, the chasers were reduced by one, however catching them fast were Steve Calland (Southdowns Bikes) and Rob Shoreland (Kingston Wheelers) now with the chasing group in view.

So with four laps to go, Marcus punctures leaving Robert out on his own with a lead of 1 min 25 secs. Marcus get a wheel and managed to stay out of reach of the chasers who were by now 2 mins 11 secs behind the leader. The group led by Steve Calland was now 2 min 53 behind the leader but more importantly gaining time on each lap over the chasers.

So at the bell, Robert had a lead of 1 min 40secs over Marcus who had four riders chasing him 26 secs back and Steve now on a charge only 22secs down on them. On the last lap Steve put in a hard attack, caught the group of four and passed them to ride up the hill to take third place. Having won the event for the previous two years he was not going to miss out on another podium spot.

1. Robert Moore London Phoenix 1hr 23 mins
2. Marcus Brueton Norwood Paragon @1min 56secs
3. Steve Calland Southdowns Bikes @2min 18secs
4. Rob Sharland Kingston Wheelers
5. Dean Corney VC Meudon
6. Roger Smith Southdowns Bikes
7. Marc Clothier Southdowns Bikes
8. David Webborn London Dynamo
9. Clinton Casteller I-team. CC
10. Paul Flynn Brighton Mitre
First Woman: Ciara Horne For Viored



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