Result: Leicester Forest Open 10m

Upset at Leicester Forest Open 10 mile time trial as Richard Handley defeats Matt Bottrill as both go under 20 minutes.

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With just one week to go before the British time trial championships, Team Matthew Bottrill, stayed on local roads and rode the Leicester Forest 10 mile time trial, at Six Hills in Leicestershire. After undertaking one of the hardest weeks of training, this season, Bottrill came to the event in one mode. Ride to self destruction!!
Bottrill was the last rider to start in the event, and the standard had been set very high by Richard Handley (Rapha-condor- Sharpe), who has been having an amazing season winning many International races, with recent win’s in Spain. Handley had broken Bottrill’s previous course record by 13secs to finish with a time of 19.25 which was then followed by Matthew Sinclair in 20.11 and Charles Mcculloch in 20.28.
Then came the turn of Bottrill. With still conditions turning to sounds of thunder, Bottrill left the start gate. The race now came to dodge the rain, a few drop’s and Bottrill was clear! With a plan set by coach, Bob Tobin, Bottrill was on a mission to see what kind of stress his body could take. The Giant Trinity advanced SL set to the UCI regulations, and Enve 8.9’s where thundering down the road,  riding to a schedule of 15watts higher then he had ever done before, the numbers where looking good at the half way point. A new power pb for 10mins, but then came the bad part, adrenalin turned to pure lactic acid, and the legs just gave way! Luckily the final section was a tail wind, so knowing the legs had given in, Bottrill just stayed has aero has possible and finished with a time of 19.43. 17 seconds behind the flying Handley.
Summing up his ride Bottrill replied ” Well that was painful! I came with a plan to see what I could handle, and the legs just gave way! I was flying to the 5 miles point but a combination of training and starting too fast just took it’s toll. The difference in power for my first 5 miles to my second 5 miles was 22 watts, so you can imagine what state I was in coming back. But the good news is my form is really good. All I can do is recover ready for next week. I know all the hard work is behind me. It’s been such an amazing season with medals in every national championship, so to achieve a podium place in the BTTC would be the icing on the cake”


1 Richard Handley Rapha Condor Sharp 19:25
2 Matthew Bottrill 19:43
3 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 20:11
4 Charles McCulloch 20:28
5 Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power Loughborough 20:57
6 Tony Greenhalgh 21:16
7 Chris Hulme Revolution Fitness 21:26
8 Craig Twigg Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 21:35
9 Tom Graham Leicester Forest CC 21:44
10 Nick Cave Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 21:48
11 Andy Eagers Derby Mercury RC 22:02
12 Gareth Pymm Coalville Wheelers CC 22:08
13 Stephen Howgill Leicestershire RC 22:28
14 David Warren Keepthebeat Cycling 22:30
15 Andy Smith North Notts Olympic RC 22:37
16 Jason Feltus Coalville Wheelers CC 22:51
17 Ian Nutt Leicester Forest CC 22:54
18 Peter Tuckwood Mapperley CC 23:07
19 Chris Walker Melton Olympic CC 23:10
20 Norman Portess Melton Olympic CC 23:13
21 Simon Price Bio Cadenza RT 23:50
22 Andrew Warby Leicester Forest CC 23:52
23 Christopher Fullerton Sleaford Wheelers CC 24:09:00
24 William Harrison Witham Wheelers 24:10:00
25 Robert Prue Revolution Fitness 24:23:00
26 Michael Wilkinson North Notts Olympic RC 24:25:00
27 Russell Gent Melton Olympic CC 24:34:00
28 Stephen Walsh Sherwood CC 24:40:00
29 Dave Birch Welland Valley CC 24:42:00
30 Ben Waddington Leicester Forest CC 24:58:00
31 Chris Hyde Welland Valley CC 25:06:00
32 John Dixson Team Echelon – Rotor 25:08:00
33 Linda Hubbard Welland Valley CC 25:10:00
34 Neil Dixon Hinckley CRC 25:16:00
35 Terry Horsburgh Ratae RC 25:21:00
36 Gary Ison Melton Olympic CC 25:42:00
37 Paul Fairey Witham Wheelers 25:43:00
38 Richard Garratt Welland Valley CC 25:44:00
39 David Herd Witham Wheelers 25:45:00
40 Jordan Arlott Leicester Forest CC 25:50:00
41 Pete Marvin Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 26:06:00
42 Neil Holden Ratae RC 26:11:00
43 John Arlott Leicester Forest CC 26:16:00
44 James Garratt Welland Valley CC 26:16:00
45 Rob Jones Leicester Forest CC 26:32:00
46 Martin Hall Leicester Forest CC 26:55:00
47 Rob Bennett Ratae RC 26:58:00
48 Ant Goodwin Leicester Forest CC 27:07:00
49 Peter Lavine Coalville Wheelers CC 27:09:00
50 Anthony Hardenberg Witham Wheelers 27:16:00
51 Matthew Finch Leicester Forest CC 27:33:00
52 Chris Spray Ratae RC 27:50:00
53 Michael Spurr Leicestershire RC 27:59:00
54 James Green Leicester Forest CC 28:01:00
55 Peter Rose Mercia HBM CC 32:01:00




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