Report: LVRC National Criterium Championships

Jim Golden reports on the LVRC National Criterium Championships for D/E/F/G/H Categories organised by Birmingham Cycling Club at Birmingham Business Park Sept 2nd

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D Category
Ever aggressive Andy Donaldson spent 15 laps out in front with another rider. They were pulled back in the closing laps. Steve Johnson attacked with one and a half laps to go only to be caught almost on the line where former Milk Race and pro star Bob Downs took the bunch sprint. Full results later

E Category
Leeds Mercury’s Alistair Cameron spent 10 laps out in front. But after a successful week’s racing in Belgium, Alan Kemp seemed to be in control policing most attempts at breakaways. Once Cameron was caught no other moves came to anything. Cameron escaped again towards the end but was followed by Kemp. So it was down to a bunch sprint with Kemp in command.

1. Alan Kemp, Weaver Valley
2. Martin Bush, Bush Healthcare
3. Don Parry, Team Corley
4. Ken Bradbury, Wyre Forest CRC
5. Dave Brown, LVRC
6. Dave Woods, CC Luton

More results later

No breaks stuck in the first ten laps, despite many attempts. With 17 laps to go Dave Rutherford, Bush Healthcare rode off the front and a few laps later former Solihull team mate Bob Richards joined him and the two stayed away to the finish with Richards taking a well desereved over 70 title.

F Category
1. Dave Rutherford, Bush Healthcare
2. Lance Revenhill,Coventry Cycle Centre
3. Mike Allen, Pro Cycle Hire
4. Terry Devine, Ciclos Uno

G Category
1. Bob Richards, Solihull CC
2. Ken Haddon, BushHealthcare
3. Roly Crayford, San Fairy Ann

H Category
1. Brian Ellis, Port Sunlight Whs
2. Dai Sankey, BushHealthcare
3. Roy Godbeer, Southend and County Wheelers (aged 82)



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