Result: Welland Valley CC Bruntingthorpe Race Series

68 riders contested the Welland Valley CC Bruntingthorpe Series races on September 4 battling crosswinds at Bruntingthorpe. 

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No change in either the green or white jersey competitions: Jonathon Unwin – King of Bruntingthorpe; Josh van Nierop – best young rider. The races are open to first claim members of Welland Valley CC only. The final race of the series is scheduled for Tues 11th Sept.

Round 3 – 4th September 12

Race A – 5 Lap Time
1st Phil Rayner 46:29
2nd Jonathon Unwin +6″
3rd Martin Webster +6″
4th Stephen Bunn +6″
5th Hans van Nierop +6″
6th Matt Crabtree +19″
7th Mike Smith +19″
8th Lawrence Cox +19″
9th Julian Rathbone +19″
10th Nick Horder +19″
11th Jacob Kench +19″
12th Stuart Dawkins +19″
13th Vic Barnett +19″
14th David Clarke +19″
15th Chris Begley +19″
16th Jake Hubbard U18 +19″
17th Simon Vicary +19″
18th Nick Clarke +19″
19th Nik Kershaw +19″
20th Jack Hall +19″
21st Adrian Killworth +44″
22nd Steven Welch +44″
23rd George Petch +1’25”
24th Lee Edmonds +1’31”
25th James Nutt +1’31”
26th Steven Boat +1’57”

Race B – 4 Lap Time
1st Simon Ward 41:03
2nd David Wilson +0″
3rd Louis Killworth U18 +0″
4th Matt Clasper +0″
5th David Robertson U18 +0″
6th John Davidson +0″
7th Angus Cox U18 +0″
8th Paul Hudson +0″
9th Jeff Green +43″
10th Erin Billington +43″

Race C – 3 Lap Time
1st Richard Stannard 33:57
2nd Josh van Nierop U18 +35″
3rd Daniel O’Dwyer U18 +35″
4th Paul Howard +35″
5th Jack Roginski U18 +35″
6th Amy Garner U18 +35″
7th Ross Barnett U18 +35″
8th Fraser Ayears U18 +35″
9th Andrew Ayears +35″
10th Max Lewis-Clarke U18 +35″
11th Andy Moyes +35″
12th Vanessa Pride +35″


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