Report: AmpAir Solutions Darley Moor No.3

Simon Alexander and Malcolm Fraser winners at AmpAir Solutions Darley Moor No.3 (Ashbourne, Derbyshire Sat, Sept 8th)

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A/B/C/D Race

A high speed race run off at 26 mph in what for Darley Moor were perfect conditions, the wind was not galeforce, saw over 45 Simon Alexander and over 55 Andy Donaldson hold off the bunch by inches. Alexander had been away alone for almost half the race, never more than a few seconds ahead of the field which had at one stage split and comeback together. With three laps to go hardman Donaldson got across to Alexander and it was touch and go at the finish with Phil Wilkins and the rest breathing down their necks at the line.

1. Simon Alexander B
2. Andy Donaldson D
3. Phil Wilkins C
4. Adrian Adgar B
5. Paul Stewart C
6. Michael Clark A
7. Dave Perry B
8. Andy Parr B
9. Dave Stockill C
10. Gary Gee C
11. John Beckett B
12. Andy Jones D
13. Ian Noons C
14. Dave Farmer D
15. Warren Barber B
16. Jonathan Davies D
17. John Harrison D
18. Wayne Lacey A
19. Simon Degg B
20. Phil Rose D
21. Darren Moore B
22. Paul Wain B
E/F/G/H Race
Another fast race with no break being allowed to get away although E’s Malcolm Fraser, Dave Pollard and over 65 Richard Booth all tried. Unfortunately Booth crashed coming into the finishing straight on the final lap. Over 75 Brian Ellis rode superbly for three place overall.

1. Malcolm Fraser E
2. Dave Pollard E
3. Brian Ellis H
4. Dennis Knabe E
5. Dave Woods E
6. Ken Haddon G
7. Stuart Walters G
8. John Hughes E
9. Phil Smith E
10. John Buxton E
11. Paul Morphet F
12. Jim Golden F


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