News: Mark Cavendish Press Conference

A complete transcript (from the Tour of Britain) of the press conference with Mark Cavendish post stage 3 in Dumfries which he won

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“On the first day, what can you do [when you crash] then yesterday we tried something different….but today we were told to follow the script – straight up you sprint – so that’s what we did.

“It’s the exact same finish [as last year], it was alright, it’s just about getting there. The lads were wicked.

“It was Rowe, he is such a good bike rider you know. He could win the overall. He went, all the guys went long and he just had to go. Brad [Wiggins] just put a monster turn on through the hardest bit to bring them back.

On his meeting with Sky…
“No news yet but it was a good meeting and things are moving forward.


On BBC Sports Personality and Andy Murray winning the US Open…
“It was really good. He came close to winning Wimbledon this year then he won the Olympics which was really great for the country then to go and win his first Grand Slam at the US Open, he’s done alright hasn’t he. He has had a lot of support but also had a lot of flack over the years but he is one of the best tennis players in the world. It is going to be tough for Sports Personality amongst everyone. Brad won the Tour which looked like a dead-cert, then we had all this success at the Olympics…..and Andy’s gone and done that so it’s going to be very, very close.

On the race….
“There are no big mountains here, just the little roads, you’ve just got to know how to race. That’s what makes it most difficult here.

On the crowds…
“It’s great, like it’s been on every stage. This Tour of Britain has been great. Obviously with Brad winning the yellow jersey at The Tour and everybody is behind it. Especially when it’s pissing with rain, there were people still out watching, some in t-shirts so it was nice to see.

On the conditions…
“It was freezing cold. Bernard Eisel was riding beside me and was shivering, Italian style and I was like, ‘this is normal weather here…it’s not cold today’. You’d put a jacket on when it started raining, it would stop, you’d take it off, on, off, on, off. It’s kind of good for me, I don’t like it – no one likes it- but I am used to it.

On his last race in the rainbow jersey…
“I thought about coming here for the overall (winner), to try and wear the yellow jersey but I kind of want to wear this for as many days as possible before next week. It’s actually dawning on me now that it’s actually been a year and I am trying to savour the moment. I wanted to get a win here and get a final win in the rainbow jersey and I am glad I could do that .

“It’s been a good year. Personally, it could have been better but as World Champion, I think it’s been a good year, I am happy with it anyway.”



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