Report: Welwyn Friday Night Track League

Report and results from the penultimate Welwyn Friday Night Track League meeting at the Gosling Stadium on the 14th September

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Peter Waghorn (organiser) reports ….  A lively evenings racing especially in the Youth B and C/D/E series with the overall series Trophies nearing completion with just one league meeting remaining. The opening 10 lap scratch for Senior A riders was won by John McClelland in a close tussle with Welwyn’s Mark Smith. Tony Gibb took the Points and Devil events and the final 10 mile saw a steady depletion of the field as Mike Broadwith attacked time after time but could not escape for very long. A useful group of nine riders did open up a lead at half distance but were reeled in. The field was down to 10 riders for the closing laps with the race won by Kristian Woolf.

Barry Neal had two wins in the Group B races but there was a good battle in the Odds and Evens Block Pursuit. Each group lost riders as the pressure mounted but the last lap was crucial as the Evens won with Anthony Morris the first finisher. The Youth B races produced a good battle between Mitchell Powell, Frank Longstaff, Connor Woodford and James Parrish with Mitchell Powell coming out on top and now leading the series by one point from Connor Woodford

The C/D/E races were close fought with the limit riders in the 3 lap Handicap events taking full advantage of their positions. Tom Durkin rode well to open up an 8 point lead in the series from his close rival Alexi Edwards


Senior A
10 lap scr
1. John McClelland (Prestige)
2. Mark Smith (Welwyn)
3. Kristian Woolf (Prestige)

1. Tony Gibb (Metaltek)
2. Mike Broadwith (Shorter)
3. Mark Smith (Welwyn)

1. Tony Gibb (Metaltek)
2. Mark smith (Welwyn)
3. John McClelland (Prestige)

10 mile
1. Kristian Woolf (Prestige )
2. John McClelland (Prestige)
3. Tom Gallacher (Metaltek)

Senior B
10 lap scr
1. Barry Neal (ciclos Uno)
2. Ken Roesner (Kings Lynn)
3. Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell)

Block Pursuit
1. Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell)
2. Simon Best (North Road)
3. Andy Brown (Welwyn Whs)

1. Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno)
2. Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell)
3. Ken Roesnr (Kings Lynn)

Youth A
6 lap scr
1. Jordan Mooney (Welwyn)
2. Dan Maynard (Welwyn)
3. Bryn Davies (CC Ashwell)

1. Bryn Davies (CC Ashwell)
2. Dan Maynard (Welwyn)
3. Jordan Mooney (Welwyn)

Youth B
5 lap Scr
1. Frank Longstaffe (Colchester)
2. James Parrish (lee valley)
3. Connor woodford (Willesden)

1. Mitchell Powell (Chelemer)
2. James parrish (lee valley)
3. Josh Roberts (Welwyn)

1. Mitchell Powell,
2. James Parrish,
3. Connor Woodford

6 lap Handicap
1. Frank Longstaff,
2. Mitchell Powell,
3. Connor woodford

Youth C/D/E
3 lap Scr
1. Bob Longstaff (Colchester)
2. Owen Williams (Lee valley)
3. Tom Durkin (Welwyn)

3 lap H’cap
1 Joe Latham,
2. Sam Gage,
3. Tom Durkin (all Welwyn)

3 lap H’Cp
1. Tom Durkin (Welwyn)
2. Bob Longstaff (Colchester)
3. Owen Williamd (Lee valley)

4 lap H’cap
1. Joe Latham (Welwyn)
2. Tom Durkin (Welwyn)
3. Owen Williams (lee Valley


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